Kozani threw Iraklis out of the Cup, Chania overcame the Apollo Pontos obstacle


The 3rd phase of the Novibet Hellenic Cup continued today with two postponed matches!

At the neutral stadium of Komotini, since DAK Kozani did not meet the necessary conditions to host the match, the Kozani prevailed 2-1 of Herculesqualifying for the 4th round thanks to an 84th minute winner from Tzimopoulos!

The home team typically took the lead in the 15th minute with a well-timed penalty by Panosbefore Herakles equalized in the 35th minute with Kusta. In the second half, Kozani was superior, missed chances and finally got the victory-qualification, with “golden scorer” Tzimopoulosin 84′!

The victory with the same score (2-1) was also celebrated by Chania against the Apollo Pontos. The Thessalonians opened the scoring in the 5th minute with Blancobefore the Cretans reached the tie with Lemon, at 45’+4′! The team of Chania is superior in the continuation of the match, with Mazouluxi to score in the 63rd minute, for the final 2-1!

Now, the only games left to complete the 3rd phase of this year’s Novibet Hellenic Cup are the Zakynthos-Niki Volos (9/20) and Aeolikos-Renaissance of Karditsa (9/27)

The panorama of the Novibet Hellenic Cup:

Wednesday 13/9

Panthraki – National 0-1 (29′ of Antoniou). Stopped at 43′.

Apollon Paralimniou – Alexandroupolis 3-0 (8′-35′ Panagiotopoulos/57′ Katsamagas)

Macedonian – Egaleo 0-4 (28′-69′ Daviotis, 72′ Zygeridis, 90+4′ Marathonitis)

Ilioupoli – Levadeiakos 1-2 (112′ Madic/92′-118′ Koiroukidis)

Star of the Cross – Juchtas 1-3 (37′ Fragos/9′ Polychronis, 60′ Rovithis, 66′ Kissas)

AO Chaniotis – Tilykratis 0-1

Pan-Argean – Cotton-Prasian 3-4 pen (1-1 p.c. 60′ Prikas/43′ Bisa)

Ionian – Athens Kallithea 0-3 (14′-60′ Loukinas, 19′ Matiyas)

OF Ierepatras – Kampaniakos 0-3 (a.a.)

Acharnaikos – Panachaiki 3-2 pen. (0-0 draw)

Sunday 17/9

Chania – Apollon Pontou 2-1 (45’+4′ Lemonis, 63′ Mazoulouxis – 5′ Blanco)

Kozani – Iraklis 2-1 (15′ Panos, 84′ Tzimopoulos – 35′ Kousta)

Wednesday 20/9

Zakynthos – Niki Volos (16:00)

Wednesday 27/9

Aeolikos – Regeneration of Karditsa (15:00)

Advance without a match to the fourth stage: Kalamata, Pierikos, Asia Minor, Diagoras Rhodes, Almopos Aridaias, AEL

The couples of the fourth phase:

Kozani / Iraklis – Chania / Apollon Pontou

Kalamata – Athens Kallithea

Zakynthos / Niki Volou – Pambouprasiakos

Pierikos – Acharnaikos

Asia Minor – Apollo of Paralimni

AEL – Tilykratis Lefkada

Aigaleo – Diagoras

Panthrakikos / Ethnikos – Yuchtas

Levadeiakos – Aeolikos / Regeneration of Karditsa

Almopos Aridaia – Campania

The couples of the fifth phase:

Pierikos – Acharnaikos vs. Kifissia

Panthrakikos / Ethnikos – Juchtas vs. Atromitos

Aegaleo – Diagoras vs. Panaitolikos

Levadeiakos – Aeolikos / Regeneration of Karditsa vs. Lamia

Kozani / Iraklis – Chania / Apollon Pontou vs. OFI

Asia Minor – Apollon Paralimni vs. Panserraikos

Almopos Aridaias – Campaniakos vs Asteras Tripoli

PAS Ioannina – Volos

Source: Sport Fm

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