Which Premier? Kifissia came back from hell in an incredible match with a goal at 90’+11′ for 4-4!


He found a goal in the 90’+11′ with Botia against Panserraikos and Kifisia got a very important point in an unrepeatable game (4-4)!

The Serrai were leading by 0-3 at half-time, but also by 2-4 in the 79th minute, but the hosts had not said their last word and scoring twice in stoppage time, refused to lose tying the match.

He was left with 10 players from the 44th minute, after a red card to Hague for a foul on Ozegovic, who was in an obvious goal-scoring position. Anastasiou, who was very disappointed with the image of his team at that point, made three changes immediately after the first half hour.

Deligiannidis, Staikos, Bergstrom and Peleus the visitors’ goals which looked like they would get a great result, with Constantakopoulos (first goal in his first professional appearance), Ozegovic, Tetei and Botia answered the western suburbs team, in the best game of the year so far!

In the minds of the coaches:

THE Yannis Anastasiou he lined up his team in 4-3-2-1, with Christianson under the posts, Masoura, Botia, Vafea, Loumore in defence, Papasavva, Peio, Iliev in the centre, Bifuma and Santos on the wings and Ozegovic at the top of the attack.

With 4-1-4-1 he took down Panserraikos o Pablo Garcia, with Hovan in goal, Hajek, Bergstrom, Petavrakis, Deligiannidis in defense, Ouedraogos behind Staikos, Murgos, Hadjistravos and Peleas and Aleksic in attack.

The match

The visitors managed to score with the “good morning”, surprising the Kifissia players. In the 4th minute, Deligiannidis became the owner of the ball outside the area, he with a feint entered it, and with a beautiful shot in motion, he beat Christianson for 0-1!

{“@context”:”http://schema.org”,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός | 0-1 με ”κεραυνό” του Δεληγιαννίδη”,”description”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός | 0-1 με ”κεραυνό” του Δεληγιαννίδη”,”thumbnailUrl”:”https://imageservicethumbs.glomex.com/dC1icnltcWgyYzByMHgvMjAyMy8wOS8xNy8xNS8xNF8wM182NTA3MTdiYjU4YzMzLmpwZw==/profile:player-960×540″,”duration”:”PT50S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-09-17T15:13:37.000Z”,”embedUrl”:”https://player.glomex.com/integration/1/iframe-player.html?integrationId=eexbs13jtbwtdve&playlistId=v-cvlafh0h7209″,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:”https://player.glomex.com/[email protected]”,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

In fact, eight minutes later, they managed to score a second goal. After a cross from the right and Masoura’s clearance, the ball was laid to Staikos outside the area, who shot on the move and sent the ball onto the post and into the net, scoring a beautiful goal to make it 0-2!

{“@context”:”http://schema.org”,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός | 0-2, σκοράρει με δυνατό σουτ στην κίνηση ο Στάικος”,”description”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός | 0-2, σκοράρει με δυνατό σουτ στην κίνηση ο Στάικος”,”thumbnailUrl”:”https://i1thumbs.glomex.com/dC1icnltcWgyYzByMHgvMjAyMy8wOS8xNy8xNS8yM180MF82NTA3MTlmYzk3NDE1LmpwZw==/profile:player-960×540″,”duration”:”PT53S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-09-17T15:23:20.000Z”,”embedUrl”:”https://player.glomex.com/integration/1/iframe-player.html?integrationId=eexbs13jtbwtdve&playlistId=v-cvlamzkq8gbt”,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:”https://player.glomex.com/[email protected]”,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

Ten minutes later, the Serrai scored a third goal, confirming their fantastic start to the game. In the 22nd minute, after a corner kick by Mourgos, Bergstrom left the markings and with a nailed header, made it 0-3!

{“@context”:”http://schema.org”,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός | 0-3, ανίκητος στον αέρα ο Μπέργκστρεμ”,”description”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός | 0-3, ανίκητος στον αέρα ο Μπέργκστρεμ”,”thumbnailUrl”:”https://isthumbs.glomex.com/dC1icnltcWgyYzByMHgvMjAyMy8wOS8xNy8xNS80MF8yMl82NTA3MWRlNjc4MzYyLmpwZw==/profile:player-960×540″,”duration”:”PT47S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-09-17T15:32:55.000Z”,”embedUrl”:”https://player.glomex.com/integration/1/iframe-player.html?integrationId=eexbs13jtbwtdve&playlistId=v-cvlaumawekqx”,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:”https://player.glomex.com/[email protected]”,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

In the 33rd minute, Yannis Anastasiou made three changes to change the image of his team, which he was not at all satisfied with, bringing Parras, Konstantakopoulos and Anderegen into the game instead of Loumor, Bifuma and Peiou.

In the 43rd minute, Panserraikos was left with 10 players. In a phase that also required a VAR review, Matsoukas showed Hajek a straight red card for a foul on Ozegovic outside the area, who was in an obvious goal-scoring position.

Kifissia threatened at 45’+5′ with a nice energy and shot by Mateus Santos, with Hovan clearing away. This was also the last good moment in the first half, with both teams going into the break 3-0 in favor of Panserraikos.

At the start of the second half, Matsoukas awarded a penalty to Kifissia, seeing Deligiannidis’ hand in the area. Eventually, he changed his decision, going to watch the phase on VAR.

In the 56th minute, the team from the northern suburbs found the goal, managing to get back into the game. Botia found Konstantakopoulos with a beautiful ball, he controlled beautifully and from a very difficult angle, beat Hovan, scoring on his debut for 1-3!

{“@context”:”http://schema.org”,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Ο Κωνσταντακόπουλος συστήνεται με ασύλληπτο γκολ στο ελληνικό κοινό – Δε το πίστευε ούτε ο ίδιος! “,”description”:” εναέριο κοντρόλ με το αριστερό, εκτέλεση με το δεξί στην κλειστή γωνία”,”thumbnailUrl”:”https://isthumbs.glomex.com/dC1icnltcWgyYzByMHgvMjAyMy8wOS8xNy8xNi8yN181Ml82NTA3MjkwODU2MjFhLmpwZw==/profile:player-960×540″,”duration”:”PT41S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-09-17T16:25:43.000Z”,”embedUrl”:”https://player.glomex.com/integration/1/iframe-player.html?integrationId=eexbs13jtbwtdve&playlistId=v-cvlbyn064xzl”,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:”https://player.glomex.com/[email protected]”,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

The hosts had the initiative in the following minutes of the match, without creating any significant opportunity. In the 72nd minute, however, they managed to reduce even more. After a Santos free kick from the left, Ozegovic made a nice move and found the ball with his knee, sending it into Hovan’s net for 2-3!

{“@context”:”http://schema.org”,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός | 2-3, ο Οζέγκοβιτς δίνει ”φιλί ζωής” στους γηπεδούχους”,”description”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός | 2-3, ο Οζέγκοβιτς δίνει ”φιλί ζωής” στους γηπεδούχους”,”thumbnailUrl”:”https://i3thumbs.glomex.com/dC1icnltcWgyYzByMHgvMjAyMy8wOS8xNy8xNi80Nl8yNV82NTA3MmQ2MTU1YWRjLmpwZw==/profile:player-960×540″,”duration”:”PT38S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-09-17T16:44:41.000Z”,”embedUrl”:”https://player.glomex.com/integration/1/iframe-player.html?integrationId=eexbs13jtbwtdve&playlistId=v-cvlcd5ghfg35″,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:”https://player.glomex.com/[email protected]”,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

Immediately after the confirmation of the goal, which was controlled for some time by the VAR, Panserraikos managed to take a two-goal lead again. In 77′, after committing a foul, Bergstrom became the owner in the area and found with his head Peleas, who made the shot, with the ball countering and going into the net of Christianson for 2-4!

{“@context”:”http://schema.org”,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός | 2-4, συνεχίζεται το δράμα, σκοράρει με φανταστικό σουτ ο Πηλέας”,”description”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός | 2-4, συνεχίζεται το δράμα, σκοράρει με φανταστικό σουτ ο Πηλέας”,”thumbnailUrl”:”https://i3thumbs.glomex.com/dC1icnltcWgyYzByMHgvMjAyMy8wOS8xNy8xNi81NV8zNl82NTA3MmY4ODQ2MGYxLmpwZw==/profile:player-960×540″,”duration”:”PT1M8S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-09-17T16:53:01.000Z”,”embedUrl”:”https://player.glomex.com/integration/1/iframe-player.html?integrationId=eexbs13jtbwtdve&playlistId=v-cvlcj3u6b6up”,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:”https://player.glomex.com/[email protected]”,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

However, Kifissia had not said its last word, hitting twice in the delays. Initially, at 90’+6′ and after a beautiful cross from the right, Tetei took the header and beat Hovan from close range, for 3-4!

{“@context”:”http://schema.org”,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός | 3-4, ο Τετέϊ δίνει… παράταση στο θρίλερ!”,”description”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός | 3-4, ο Τετέϊ δίνει… παράταση στο θρίλερ!”,”thumbnailUrl”:”https://i4thumbs.glomex.com/dC1icnltcWgyYzByMHgvMjAyMy8wOS8xNy8xNy8wN18xN182NTA3MzI0NTA5ODM5LmpwZw==/profile:player-960×540″,”duration”:”PT37S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-09-17T17:07:02.000Z”,”embedUrl”:”https://player.glomex.com/integration/1/iframe-player.html?integrationId=eexbs13jtbwtdve&playlistId=v-cvlctt67q9zt”,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:”https://player.glomex.com/[email protected]”,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

At 90’+11′, Ozegovic tried to threaten with a scissor from inside the area, the ball was countered and reached Botia, who with a close-range shot leveled the game at 4-4, which gave the team a very important degree, in an unprecedented game!

{“@context”:”http://schema.org”,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός | ΑΝΕΠΑΝΑΛΗΠΤΕΣ ΣΤΙΓΜΕΣ, ο Μποτία ισοφαρίζει σε 4-4 στο 90+11′!”,”description”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός | ΑΝΕΠΑΝΑΛΗΠΤΕΣ ΣΤΙΓΜΕΣ, ο Μποτία ισοφαρίζει σε 4-4 στο 90+11′!”,”thumbnailUrl”:”https://isthumbs.glomex.com/dC1icnltcWgyYzByMHgvMjAyMy8wOS8xNy8xNy8xNF81NF82NTA3MzQwZTY3ZWM3LmpwZw==/profile:player-960×540″,”duration”:”PT1M8S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-09-17T17:12:23.000Z”,”embedUrl”:”https://player.glomex.com/integration/1/iframe-player.html?integrationId=eexbs13jtbwtdve&playlistId=v-cvlcyfyu7msp”,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:”https://player.glomex.com/[email protected]”,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

MVP: When you score in the last… second and give your team a positive result, you can’t help but be the MVP. This is exactly what he did Alberto Botia, who was the mechanical God for Kifissia.

The whistle: THE Matsoukas had a problematic refereeing, with Zambala on VAR correcting him on two occasions. Initially, he did not see Hajek’s foul on Ozegovic just outside the area, while in the first minute of the second half, he saw a hand and awarded a penalty to Kifissia, where it was again corrected by VAR intervention.

Team compositions:

Kifissia (Yiannis Anastasiou): Christianson, Masouras, Vafeas, Botia, Loumor (33′ Parras), Peios (34′ Anderegen), Papasavvas (58′ Tetei), Santos, Iliev (72′ Ipalibo), Bifuma (34′ Konstantakopoulos), Ozegovic.

Panserraikos (Pablo Garcia): Hovan, Bergstrom, Hayek, Petavrakis, Peleas (90+3′ Tsagkalidis), Ouedraogo, Staikos (68′ Moreira), Deligiannidis, Mourgos (46′ Gotzamanidis), Hatzistravos (68′ Tomas), Aleksic (60′ Bairovic).

{“@context”:”http://schema.org”,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός 4-4 |HIGHLIGHTS”,”description”:”Κηφισιά – Πανσερραϊκός 4-4 |HIGHLIGHTS”,”thumbnailUrl”:”https://i2thumbs.glomex.com/dC1icnltcWgyYzByMHgvMjAyMy8wOS8xNy8xNy8xN181MV82NTA3MzRiZmRiMjJlLmpwZWc=/profile:player-960×540″,”duration”:”PT7M2S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-09-17T17:21:16.000Z”,”embedUrl”:”https://player.glomex.com/integration/1/iframe-player.html?integrationId=eexbs13jtbwtdve&playlistId=v-cvld30a2j6pt”,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:”https://player.glomex.com/[email protected]”,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

Source: Sport Fm

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