AEK-Olympiakos: First game of the year with the Super Cup prize!


AEK and Olympiacos cross swords in the first game of the year (20:15), which will also decide the title, with the winner taking the Super Cup!

The game will be held at the “Dais” Sports Center of Amarousi on 20:15, while there will be a live broadcast from ERT3.

The “Union” has been significantly strengthened, as it has acquired them Byron Papadopoulos and Nikos Cretikos from Olympiakos, the Patrick Martinovic, Philip Johnson, but also the captain of the National team, Harry Mallio, showing that he has a very high position for this season. At the same time, he also renewed their contracts Kederi, Madalinic, Arsic and Iliopoulos.

On the other hand, the “red and white” also made strong additions. Initially, Mr Jeeras returned to the team, while the Papantonopoulos, Tsigaridas, Sliskovits, Kavcits and Saturday, with the contracts of Michaelidis, Papavasilis and Montoro to be renewed.

“Every day and every friendly game that goes by we will get better, being healthy and without injuries. Certainly this tournament helped us to see how we will set up the team next Monday. We have a week of preparation ahead of the Super Cup against Olympiakos, knowing that both teams want this title, however neither team will be ready like in the finals of the league. Winning the trophy is something we want and we will prepare as best we can for it.” the coach of AEK had stated a few days ago, Alexis Albanos.

“Undivided support from us as well. The country was hit this summer by both fires and floods, a real tragedy. Support is the least, from our side. The official bodies must take part of the responsibilities. At some point, what they say, let them do it! Now, as far as our sport is concerned, it officially starts tomorrow, it’s the first official game of the season. We have worked very well, I am pleased with the children’s effort. Obviously we are not ready, but it is a title and we will go in, we will try to claim it, we will give the maximum, 100%. From there, it seems that the conditions have been created for it to be a stronger league and everyone, players, coaches, federations, team agents, should build the character of the sport, it should acquire a quality. Good luck everyone, I hope all goes well. Friendlies are friendlies, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, improvement comes through matches. The teams have worked, as long as they play, they will improve. Of course, playing good games too. I think that within the next month, all the teams will slowly acquire the rhythm they need. Tomorrow, training-wise, it will be a good game so that the teams tie, regardless of whether a trophy is decided.” were the words of the Olympiakos coach, Nikos Grammatikos.

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