Koromilas announced his withdrawal from arbitration


He put an end to his dietary career Ilias Koromilas!

The experienced arbitrator announced his decision in a letter to ODKEin which he says an injury is putting a “brake” on him being in the right condition to continue whistling games at the highest level.

He also states in his letter that the arbitration in Hellasthrough hard work and proper organization, will be driven to high levels again.

Koromilas’ letter to ODKE in detail:


Congratulations on the decision of the Federation to harmonize with the European reality regarding the age limits of refereeing. It is generally accepted that the conditions have now matured in Greece to do what is already happening in advanced basketball countries. Although it serves me personally, since it enables me to continue my dietetic career, I consider that the fullness of time has arrived for me as well.

That is why, after much thought, I made the difficult decision to withdraw from Greek and European active arbitration. An injury that plagues me does not allow me to be at the level of physical fitness and athleticism that I desire, and above all refereeing basketball at the highest level requires.

I will be deprived of what I love and what I do for a living, because I want to look the entire basketball community in the eye.

I’m leaving full of experiences and grateful for what I’ve experienced and those I’ve met in this multi-year journey in the world of basketball.

I am sure that in the coming years, refereeing in Greece, through hard work and proper organization, will again be brought to high levels and the Greek referee will once again lead on a European and global level.

It is the duty of all of us to help the EEC’s effort to highlight young Greek referees who will serve the sport we love so much.

With kind regards and regards.

Koromilas Ilias»

Source: Sport Fm

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