Coleman: “The point where the own goal came in was very crucial”


At the critical point received by Fearless the equalizing goal, stood o Chris Coleman after the match (1-1) of his team with Bullet in Peristeri.

The Welsh coach emphasized that the “blue and white” should have four points instead of one, while underlining that if it takes time for the new players to integrate into the Doves’ game, they will try to do it as quickly as possible.

In detail, Chris Coleman spoke to the NOVA camera about:

-the fact that Atromitos’ mind seemed to “break down” after the own goal at the start of the second half:We really tried very hard to come back, but it was very difficult. In the last two games (with Kifisia and Volos) we should have got four points, but unfortunately we only have one. Unfortunately, that’s football. Today we scored two goals, unfortunately one in our own home and in fact at a point which was very critical, right after the start of the second half, which psychologically is something very difficult for any team.

From there, we had the strength and courage and created 2-3 very good chances that in another game could have gone in, today they didn’t go in unfortunately. This is football. I’m very disappointed that we only have one point instead of four, but we will keep fighting».

-how much time he thinks it will take to create cohesion in the team after the latest transfers:Surely this is a difficult task, since we have many new players in the last few days as well. We want time for them to get back to the level we want in-game fitness and to get to know each other and create in-game automations. It takes time, but we’ll do it as fast as we can to start earning points».

Source: Sport Fm

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