At OAKA for the match with Villarreal and the Amateur Panathinaikos sections!


Everyone at Panathinaikos is counting down for the match against Villarreal and the team’s return to European groups.

Ivan Jovanovic’s team faces the “yellow submarine” on Thursday (19:45) as part of his 1st matchday Europa Leaguewith the “clover” world preparing to flood the stands of the Olympic Stadium in order to create an impressive atmosphere.

In fact, in this matchup, the “present” is expected to be given by its departments Amateurjust as it had happened in Champions League playoffs against Braga.

With a statement issued by Panathinaikos A.O. thanked the “green” PAE, at the same time inviting the people of the team to get tickets.

The announcement in detail:

“Panathinaikos is a big family and proves it once again in Thursday’s game against Villarreal.

Everyone at Panathinaikos is moving to the pace of the match against Villarreal for the Europa League and of course the “Mother of the team” is always on the side of the European matches given by either PAE or KAE.

In this case, the European competition given by the football department is decisive and the PAE once again responded to the needs of the Amateur and opens its doors for the athletes of the Association as well as the athletes with disabilities.

Panathinaikos A.O. He warmly thanks PAE and calls on the “eternal faithful” to book a place for Thursday’s match.

Source: Sport Fm

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