Mr. Thanasis Karteros, one of the closest collaborators of the former president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, asks the question “what does Tsipras say” in his article published in Avgi. Mr. Karteros writes:

Cunning support of Tsipras to Kasselakis, since it had been preceded by a less cunning but more obvious support of Efi. Lies, provocations, revelations of the stomach for criminal SMS, which neither the recipient, nor anyone else realized, until we were enlightened by the rats of the internet. And always the cursed poem, which has ended in tragedies for the Left, when it permeated the internal party fights. Accusations that he, she, they, they, will break up the party. The appeals for the protection of the holy and holy. The other calls for punishment of those who committed attempted parricide, fratricide, political assassination.

It’s hard to counter with arguments these kinds of claws, sometimes scratched with the kind patronage of a political opponent, sometimes out of sheer stupidity, and sometimes to gain a little internet publicity for the sycophants. The question is, at such sensitive times, whether we will allow these droplets to contaminate a clean process. If we are to eat the tales and atrocities that are peddled on the internet. Even confusing Alexis Tsipras, as if he did not open the door to the new wave of SYRIZA with his well-known directness, but the faucet to fill his bathtub. Or, even worse, the valve, to fill sewage. And to become the party of tolerance, the party of the guilty.

Since there is no point in admonishing the authors of these constructions, it is good to remember. First, that Tsipras declared that he would remain and remains strictly neutral. We abide by whatever our members decide, that is his unwavering view. Secondly, the last thing he can be accused of is that he organized any kind of intra-party conspiracies along the way, or that he used convenient theories about enemies within the walls. Don’t do it now. And thirdly, what he has shown from the first moment that interests him is the unity and the future of the party. Zero tolerance for bigotry, extremism, various racisms and toxicity.

And we can reasonably assume, knowing his route, that what he is asking and expecting is that everyone from Monday, without reservations or asterisks, support whoever the members of SYRIZA choose. Without artificial fears and with genuine passion…