NFL superstar allegedly got four women pregnant at the same time


The NFL superstar has been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons lately. Javier Howard.

The 30-year-old cornerback of the Miami Dolphins it is alleged that he has left four women pregnant and even in the same period of time!

The revelation was made by one of his companions, who openly accused the American athlete on social media, that he is not only expecting a child with three other women, but also that he pressured her offering her money to stop her pregnancy…

“Let’s get things straight. This man has a “fetish” for leaving pregnant women. Three more women approached me and told me that they were expecting a child from him. I did an ultrasound and sent him pictures. He wants to pay me to terminate my pregnancy, as he has also asked another girl. Stay away from this man, he has no respect for anyone. If you are pregnant by Xavien, please do not contact me. I don’t want anything to do with him anymore.”the girl who revealed the story said, among other things, in her Instagram post.

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