Meeting of the coaches with the Euroleague staff


With the presence of 16 of the 18 coaches, after Ergin Ataman and Željko Obradovic were excused, the meeting of Euroleague technicians with the administrative staff of the organizing authority took place on Tuesday in Switzerland.

“It is a great pleasure to welcome you here. Thank you for coming. We have this meeting to talk and reflect on the last season, as well as discuss the present and talk about our future. It’s no secret that we are coming off one of the most competitive seasons in EuroLeague history,” said president Dejan Bodiroga.

The new CEO, Paulius Motegiounas, emphasized that: “It is a great pleasure to have you here before the start of the season. I know firsthand how difficult it is for you to travel and leave your teams in preparation, so we really appreciate you all being here.”

Regarding the new Referee Director, Daniel Yerethuelo, he said for his part: “I want to share with you the vision for the next three years. Speaking about the project, we want to achieve our own identity and improve the quality of the referee.”

Senior Director of Basketball Marketing and Communications of Europe’s premier interclub competition, Alex Christianson, presented the coaches with an analysis of the event’s all-time record fan engagement across television, social media and digital avenues.

Beyond that, the coaches themselves mentioned some thoughts about some possible changes and new features of the event in the future.

Source: Sport Fm

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