The data in AEK’s defense with the absences of Mukudi and Vida


Facing significant absences, he will be invited to be accommodated by the Brighton AEK, on ​​Thursday (21/9, 22:00) in the premiere of the Europa League groups.

And this is because after Domagoi Vida, the “Union” will not even have Harold Mukudi at its disposal. In other words, they will face … supersonic Brighton – whose style of play was admired by Jamie Carragher – without their key central defensive duo. At the same time, in fact, she has only one thoroughbred stopper in her mission, the Mitoglou.

In short, Matias Almeida will need to recruit a player, in a role different from the one… written on his football ID.

Four main candidates. Three wing backs and a defensive midfielder. The reason for Hadjisafi, Mohammadi, Sidibe and Shimanski.

But how many times has each of them played in that position in official games?

According to the transfermarktthe one who has the most… heavy previous service is the Sidibe. The French right back has played in 11 cases as a stopper, all with Monaco in the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons. Actually in threes in defense.

Second on the relevant list, the Hadjisafi. In fact, the Iranian ace has done it with AEK, at the start of last season, when Matias Almeida was playing with a trio. Specifically, in the matches with Lamia and Volos, competing as a left stopper.

As for him Mohammadi, the speedy full-back has never started as a starting stopper. However, the example of the “two-header” match against Panserraikos is recent, where the 29-year-old ace was moved to the center of the defense at the start of the second half (instead of Chrysopoulos).

Finally, O Shimansky he has no official matches in his legs as a stopper.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that both the Polish ace and the two Iranians were used in a defense trio in the friendly preparations of the “yellow and black” in the summer of 2022.

Based on the above, the trio for Thursday (21/9) is definitely an option. With the note, of course, that it has not been worked on – at least in match time – since August 2022.

Source: Sport Fm

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