Marseille confirm the departure of Longoria and three others – Silent fish for Marthelino


THE Marseille has been in deep crisis since Monday noon and the atmosphere is tense, to the point of smelling of gunpowder. The meeting between the representatives of the club and a delegation of fans did not go well at all, to the extent that the Marthelino and Longoria announced their resignation, with the second citing threats against his life.

The Marseille club issued announcement on Tuesday night, which does not clearly mention the resignation of the leaders. However, the press release explains that they cannot perform their duties under these conditions. The club is talking about leaving for the time being, before other decisions, from the Longoria (chairman), Ribalta (technical manager), Tessier (financial manager) and Irionto (training center manager).

THE Marseille specifically explains that the supporters threatened to wage war on the leaders if they did not resign.

“The OM board believes in a transparent and orderly relationship with its supporters and everyone at the club – players, staff and management – ​​sees criticism as an integral part of the role and honor of representing OM on and off the pitch.

On the other hand, the club cannot accept personal threats. Its members cannot tolerate individual attacks and any form of unfounded public defamation. A relationship based on intimidation cannot guarantee the minimum acceptable conditions for the club’s board to be able to continue investing in the transformation of Marseille.”

THE Marthelino has announced his resignation to the board of directors of Marseille and everything shows that he is leaving, however in some publications it is stated that his resignation has not yet been accepted and the club is keeping silent about his issue.

However, this should be clarified within the next 24 hours since there is a game against him on Thursday Ajax for the premiere of the Europa League.

Source: Sport Fm

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