“Until… a tree grew in Kautanzoglio, downstream of the outdated stadiums”!


For the great issue that has arisen regarding the… exile of Hercules the journalist spoke from Kavtanzoglio, Makis Ioannidison the air of News Bulletin 247 and on Niko Ralli.

The previous communication manager of “Giraios” initially mentioned that in all the previous years the team was the main financial “core” of the stadium for the maintenance and all the necessary corrective works, emphasizing that since Heracles entered a difficult financial situation situation, started to… the stadium is also flooded, mentioning characteristics, among other things, that right next to it a tree has grown from the bellows!

At the same time, he conveyed that despite the actions, no stadium was found neither in Thessaloniki nor in the surrounding areas, with the league now being responsible for finding and designating a stadium for Herakles’ home games, which can however be played in Kautanzoglio slanted doors.

Mr. Ioannidis also spoke about the possibility of acquiring in the future tthe old man’s own stadium, revealing that as a group it has in its possession two large spaces for disposal, in which the relevant studies have been carried out. By Christmas there may be developments in this matter.

Finally, he stopped at appeal request and for Mara’s case which is being heard today, mentioning characteristically that if the decision comes out and Heracles has to pay the player with 210,000 euros, then the team will have a problem since the money is a lot and they will only have 8 days at their disposal to repayment, or risk relegation.

Listen to the relevant excerpt:

Source: Sport Fm

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