The contestants of My Style Rocks had to edit their appearances in a Cabaret style today as it turned out the mission was difficult. Most of the contestants did not manage to adapt the aesthetics of Cabaret to today’s appearances, ending up with looks that in many cases resembled costumes.

The tensions between the contestants were not absent from the Gala with the most intense confrontation between Mortasia and Amanda on the occasion of the ratings.

The contestants’ scores from their previous five appearances were tallied with today’s to give the final ranking. In first place was Amanda Manolakou who received the check for 2,500 euros.


Then the three contestants who were in the last positions of the ranking were candidates for withdrawal. Niki Kollia, Deni Kouvarakou and Christina Bita stood in front of the other contestants who decided to save Christina Bita with Amanda’s vote being more critical which was double.

Deni and Niki found themselves in front of the jury who had to make the final decision on which contestant will continue her journey on My Style Rocks. Sofia Hatzipanteli gave her own vote to Deni stressing that this program sends the message that fashion has no age. Stelios Koudounaris chose to support Niki with his vote and the final decision fell on Dimitris Skoulos who, after describing the two contestants as “the joy of the show”, chose to give his vote to Deni, with Niki Kollia saying goodbye to My Style Rocks.


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