The elevens in Kifissia-Lamia


With the interesting showdown between her Kifissia and her Lamias in Kaisariani (18:00, Cosmote Sport 2,, News Bulletin 247) the program of its 6th matchday continues Stoiximan Super League.

About an hour before the kick-off, the coaches of the two teams announced the players who will play as starters.

For the home team Kifissia o Yannis Anastasiou he prefers Anagnostopoulos in goal instead of Christianson. Masouras, Loumor, Vafeas, Tsapan in defense. Papasavvas, with Ipalibos and Iliev in the central trio, while Bifuma, Barbosa and Ozegovic will compete in the attack.

On the other hand, Leonidas Vokolos. In the axis, Savtana Nunes and Slivka, while behind Carlitos and Longo Zoran Tosic will move.


Kifissia (Yiannis Anastasiou): Anagnostopoulos-Masouras, Loumor, Tsapan, Vafeas-Papasavvas, Ipalibo, Iliev-Bifuma, Barbosa, Ozegovic.

On the counter: Christianson, Anderegen, Antounes, Gobelic, Spinos, Tettei, Konstantakopouos, Parras, Sbokos.

Lamia (Leonidas Vokolos): Koselev – Simon, Tzanetopoulos, K. Papadopoulos, Sidclay-Santana, Nunies, Slivka. Tosic, Carlitos, Longo.

On the counter: Nagi, Pavlovets, Stanko, Tsilianidis, Tsiloulis, Moula, Akounia, Vasilantonopoulos, Giannoutsos.

Source: Sport Fm

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