Panaitolikos and OFI lost… unbeaten and tied!


They performed very well, but failed to take advantage of the great opportunities they created and Panaitolikos and OFI drew (1-1)!

Agriniotes entered the game strongly and opened the scoring in the 10th minute with Mali, by Felipe to equalize at 20′. From there, both had a lot of good moments, without being able to regain the lead and reach a very important victory.

He ignores the three points went to Sürer’s team, which got its third point in the league, while Dabrauskas’ total went up to 9 points, realizing a very good season so far.

A difficult exit follows Ghoul for “Titormos”, which has been under a lot of pressure since the beginning of the season, while the Cretans are hosting it AEK in “Jedi Kule”.

In the minds of the coaches:

THE Gabriel Shurer lined up Panaitolikos with 4-3-3. In the goal, Kapino, Mavris and Torrejon started at the ends of the defense, Malis and Duarte in the center of it, with Baldasara, Peres and Huanpi in the axis area, behind Voilis, Peres and Pedro.

THE Valdas Dabrauskas downed OFI with a 3-5-2, with Bowman making his debut under the posts, Karo, Pasalidis, Vouros in defense and Larsson and Thorarinsson in the halfback position. Glaser, Mejado and Giagegos were the three in the midfield, behind Bakic and Felipe.

The match

Agriniotes entered the game stronger, having the first good moment. In the 5th minute, o João Pedro shot from distance, with Bowman blocking a double effort.

Five minutes later, however, the home team took the lead. After Huanpi’s corner, Joao Pedro evaded the markers and found the ball with a header Mali, who sent the ball with projection into the undefended goal of Bowman, for 1-0!

In the 20th minute, the Cretans managed to tie the game. Dabrauskas’ players went on the counter-attack, Bakic found Gagegos, who took the shot, with the ball going against the bodies and ending up in the Felipe, who with a beautiful place from a diagonal position, defeated Kapinos for 1-1!

In the 24th minute, the Panaitolikos keeper brought down Felipe in the area, with Andrianos showing the white bullet, which he got back after a VAR review as Bakic was offside at the start of the period. At 33′, Agriniotes missed a good moment to take the lead again.

Voilis became the owner of the ball on the sides of the area and “broke” it at the height of the penalty for Pedro, whose shot ended up over Bowman’s posts. In the 45’+2′, Larson shot with good conditions from a side position, with Kapinos in the right position and clearing. This was also the last good moment for the first half, with the two teams going into the break tied (1-1).

At the start of the second half, OFI lost two very good moments to reach the tipping point. Initially, in the 48th minute, o Bakits he went behind the defense and found himself opposite Kapinos, sending the ball to the crossbar. Glazer then took possession on the edge of the area and took the shot, the ball going wide.

Two minutes later, Bakic found him with a beautiful cross in the area Felipe, who tried to beat Kapinos with a powerful header, but the home keeper stopped him with an impressive save!

In 64′, Sengelia found him with a nice diagonal pass Joao Pedro, who failed to find the target from the height of the penalty. In the 71st minute, o João Pedro won possession of the ball in the area from a diagonal position and took the shot, his finish ending up wide of the post.

In the 79th minute, Panaitolikos missed a huge opportunity to take the lead again. After the execution of the Cretan corner, the Agriniotis quickly went on the counter-attack, with Sengelia finding the Fred Duarte and he from very close to send the ball to Bowman, who moved away.

In the 81st minute, o Sengelia he made a beautiful run and shot from outside the area, with Bowman making a fine save in his corner. After the phase, the Pedro he didn’t manage to find a home from very close.

Six minutes later, it was OFI’s turn to miss a good chance. After Abada’s cross, o Lampropoulos took the header from a good position in the area, but Kapino cleared, saving his team. The last good moment belonged to the Cretans. After a brilliant execution of Bakic’s corner from the left, o Mosquera he found himself all alone at the first post, and took the header, but the ball went wide of the goal. Thus, the game ended in a draw (1-1).

MVP: THE Levan Sengelia he was a great presence from the moment he came on, once again showing his quality. He caused major rifts on OFI’s right side, with his teammates unable to capitalize on his final passes.

The whistle: THE Andrianus he had a good presence, without having the difficult phase. He managed the game very well and went unnoticed on his top flight debut.

Team compositions:

Panetolikos (Gabriel Shurer): Kapino, Mavrias (58′ Liavas), Malis, Duarte Br., Torrejon, Peres, Baldasara, Huanpi (52′ Xenitidis), Voilis (52′ Sengelia), Dias (52′ Duarte Fr.), Pedro (88′ Karelis) .

OFI (Valdas Dabrauskas): Bowman, Larson, Pasalidis (69′ Lambropoulos), Gagegos (69′ Mosquera), Vouros, Karo, Thorarinson (69′ Abada), Felipe (84′ Toral), Meyado, Glazer (78′ Neira), Bakics.

Source: Sport Fm

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