From… 4 points to 4 points, Olympiacos swept Aris and remained first!


He leveled him too Mars in the “castle” of Olympic!

The “red and white” continued his productive appearances in “G. Karaiskakis”, where thanks to an enjoyable second half, they prevailed with the impressive 4-1 of Aris for the 6th matchday of the Stoiximan Super League, thus reaching the fourth consecutive “four” them at the Falir stadium, after those against Kifissia, Lamia and Panserraikos.

A great protagonist for the Piraeus was Ayoub El Kaabiwho with two goals of his own in the 63′ and 70′ laid the groundwork for the three points, at the same time clipping the “wings” of Aris for a positive result, then his impressive start in the second half.

Piraeus took the lead in the 21st minute Brambetz own goal, to come Pardo in the 47th minute and tie the match, before the Moroccan made it 4-1 with two goals of his own, thus reaching 9 with the “red and white” jersey. The final score was made by Jovetic in the 84th minute.

Somehow, Olympiacos remained invincible at the top of the standings with 16 points, leaving Aris in sixth place in the standings with 7 points.

In the coach’s mind:

With the classic 4-2-3-1, Diego Martinez lined up Olympiakos once again this year. Paschalakis found himself under the goal, with Rodinei, Retso, Freire and Kini making up the foursome of the defense. Mandi Kamara and Santiago Ese started in the center, with Masoura, Fortuni and Solbakken making up the midfield trio, behind the promoted El Kaabi.

On the other hand, Akis Manzios brought down Aris with a 4-2-3-1 system. Cuesta was in goal, with Montoya and Matarita at the two ends of the defense and Fabiano, Brambetz at the stopper positions. Verstrate and Darinda started in midfield, with Odubajo, Suleimanov and Menendez in the midfield trio. At the top of the attack was Laurent Moron.

The match:

The game started with Olympic to immediately take the initiative of the movements and control the pace and tempo of the match, with Mars on the other hand, he likes his defensive plan, giving spaces to the opponent and closing the corridors to Questa’s goal.

The pressure of the “red and whites” quickly paid off, with the first good moment of the match coming just in the 7th minute. From a wrong pass by Odubajo, the ball ended up in Fortounis, he broke to El Kaabi, with the Moroccan wasting a huge opportunity from an advantageous position in the “heart” of the opposing area.


Four minutes later, Mr Fortune he carried the ball from the axis to the right, stepped into the area, but the shot he attempted went just wide. His team Diego Martinez he continued to suffocate Aris, who in his first attempt to “unmask” him from his area… he paid.

Specifically, in the 21st minute and while Aris was on the attack with Matarita’s shot blocking a defender, the “red and white” quickly left the open field, the Fortune gave to Masura, with him Brambetz in his attempt to clear the turnover he inadvertently sends the ball into his team’s net for the 1-0 of Olympiakos!


The hosts continued to threaten with the shots of Fortunis and Ese then finding defenders’ bodies. From the 30th minute onwards, the Thessalonians, taking advantage of any relaxation of Olympiakos, increased their intensity and gained yards on the field. After some time, specifically in the 39th minute, o All Solbakken threatened for Piraeus, with the Norwegian’s diagonal shot going wide. Aris’ first and only good moment in the first half came in the 41st minute, with Matarita’s flicked shot countering and ending up in a corner.


The scenery is completely different second halfwith Akis Manzios proceeding to replace Odubatzo, replacing him with Pardo. A change that turned out to be “golden” for the visitors, since only in the 47th minute, they tied the match, “freezing” “G. Karaiskakis”. In particular, Kinney could not properly clear Moron’s shot, the ball was laid to the newcomer, Pardo, who with an excellent shot from outside the area made it 1-1!


With the psychology in his favor and at the… heights and with Olympiakos still having not recovered from the cold, Aris came one… breath away from the total upset. From a corner by the home team, the “yellows”, in the 53′, quickly left by surprise with Suleimanovhe gave to Daridawhose shot from the height of the large area foundat the root of the left beam of Paschalakis!

The beam looks like this “awakened” Olympiakos, with Martinez throwing Pontense and Masura into the match, changing his “wings”. In the 57th minute, the first “red and white” threat came in the second half, with his header El Kaabi to leave little outs. What the Moroccan could not do in the previous phase, he did in 62′, after a Fortounis corner kick, he calmly headed in the “heart” of the Aris area, making it 2-1!

Olympiacos-Aris 4-1

With the stand warming up for good and entering the equation of the match, Olympiacos found another goal, a few minutes later. “Perpetrator” again Moroccanwho in the 70th minute with a difficult projection on the first post from his turn Rodney He made the 3-1 giving “air” of two goals to the home team! A goal that cut the “wings” of Aris for a positive result, with Olympiacos on the other hand finding another goal in the 83rd minute, when Biel in the open field, gave the ball Joveticwho with a beautiful shot from the left formed the final 4-1!

Piraeus had a chance to level the scoreboard in stoppage time, however Fortunis saw Cuesta save the penalty executed by the Greek midfielder after a hand in the area.

MVP: The one who will take the title of the top is undoubtedly Ayoub El Kaabi. He may have had a huge chance at the beginning of the match, but the two “midfielder” goals he scored in the second half, when the match was on a razor’s edge, led his team to victory. In fact, the Moroccan forward scored for the fifth game in a row.

Whistle: The refereeing of the Swedish referee, Mohamed Al-Hakim, was quite good, he did not have many difficult phases to deal with.

Team compositions:

Olympiacos (Diego Martinez): Paschalakis – Rodinei, Retsos (79′ Doi), Freire, Kini (75′ Ortega) – Kamara, Ese – Masouras (56′ Biel), Fortunis, Solbakken (56′ Podense) – El Kaabi (79′ Jovetic).

Aris (Akis Manzios): Cuesta – Montoya, Fabiano, Brambetz (37′ Veleth), Matarita – Verstrate (86′ Jules), Darinda, Suleimanov (72′ Karlsson), Odubajo (46′ Pedro), Menendez (72′ Zamora) – Moron.

Watch the match live here

Source: Sport Fm

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