The positions of the Greek table tennis players in the last world ranking of September

The positions of the Greek table tennis players in the last world ranking of September

In September, the positions of our international table tennis athletes change significantly in the big category, and an impressive rise was also recorded by Dimitra-Thomaida Chekoura.

In the last few weeks, the Greek colors successively participated in the WTT Feeder tournament in Bulgaria, the Balkan Championship and the European Men’s-Women’s Championship. Of course, not all of these events were evaluated, however, in the ITTF tables, some substantial changes for Greek internationals emerged from the first week of the month.

Thus, after the games in Panagiouriste, Bulgaria, Tsekouras gained 266 places and became the second Greek woman in the world ranking and Malamatenia Papadimitriou 60 places.

First are always Panagiotis Gionis among the men and Katerina Toliou among the women (not rated here from their recent matches at the European Championship in Sweden).

Gionis entered the men’s table in September as number 125. Along the way, he fell three places and today he is at 128 with 130 points. Yannis Sgouropoulos had lost 27 places in the first week of the month and was at No. 433. Yesterday he moved to No. 438 with 11 points.

Giorgos Stamatouros initially moved up five places to 796, and now sits even higher at No 776. The aforementioned three competed at the European Team Championships in Malmö, but no ITTF rating was provided.

From here on, Kallinikos Kreanga appears in the current week at No 474 and Giorgos Konstantinopoulos at 676.

In the international women’s ranking table, Toliou had started the month at number 217, up three places. At the Feeder in Bulgaria he was eliminated in the first round. Today it is one place lower with the same points (49).

Tsekura made a rating jump because she was not evaluated in the last months and passing the qualifying round in Panagiouriste she got 10 points. With this harvest she went to number 398 and, based on her immediately previous appearance in the ranking, she had a rise of 266 places.

As of Tuesday, he is in an even better place, at number 387, always with 10 points. Cekura, by the way, collected her first games with Juno in Sweden and enjoyed the first win with 6-4 away against Sparwagen (she had 2 wins and 1 loss in her individual records).

Close to the ranking are the next two Greek women, who also competed in the Bulgarian Feeder. Elizabeth Terpou was at number 420 in the first edition of September and today appears at number 413 with 9 points.

Malamatenia Papadimitriou rose 60 places after Panagiouriste, going to number 441. In the last week of September it is at 440 with 7 points.

Terpou and Papadimitriou were also eliminated in the round of “64”.

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