A Fazenda 15: Lucas Souza’s team files a police report against Cariúcha


Lucas Souza’s team, from A Fazenda 15 (Record), issued an official statement on Wednesday night (27) against Cariúcha. In a statement shared on social media, the team states that it registered a police report against the funk singer.

This Tuesday (26), during the formation of the farm, Cariúcha made alleged threats against the soldier, saying that, if Jojo Todynho’s ex-boyfriend continued to fight with her, she would reveal everything she knows about him on the program.

“We take this opportunity to inform you that, although at this time it is not possible to disclose the number of the files due to the pending analysis of the request for judicial secrecy by the competent judge, in order to protect the personal data of the parties involved, Lucas’ lawyer, with full prosecutorial powers , filed the appropriate legal action to seek compensation for the offenses directed at his honor, which addresses acts of insult, slander and defamation”, says an excerpt from the note.

“Furthermore, we clarify that this afternoon, a Police Report was registered with the Civil Police, with the aim of ensuring that the crimes committed by Cariúcha within the reality show are duly investigated”, completes the text.

The funk company’s team has not yet commented on what happened.


Source: Folha

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