Athanasiou: “Panathinaikos is dominant in Tripoli – This does not happen overnight”


For dominant Panathinaikos in Tripoli he spoke of his “air”. News Bulletin 247 Nikos Athanasiou, explaining how he arrived at this image and why he came overwhelming dominance upon him Star.

A very good night for Panathinaikos, perhaps even above the expectations we would have had. With the nine changes, Jovanovic outdid himself, it’s a record but it was needed. Some had to rest others had to take their chances. All this cannot happen from one moment to another, it is the beneficial effects of having a continuity in a set, having a stable coach and integrating the new elements without craziness. He made a very good appearance, with the exception of a moment at 7′ and a quarter of a minute from 60′ to 70′, throughout the rest of the game Panathinaikos was dominant. When you want the championship, you can’t lose another derby. We are at the beginning of the league, PAOK always give it a hard time. It presses high. At 11-team level there will be a mix of the last two matches“, he said among other things.

The reporter of the station pointed out that the second goal of the “greens” came from the very good teamwork of the footballers, being indicative of the work being done.

While Athanasiou noted that, with the image they had in Tripoli the Arau and Cerin create a pleasant “headache” for Jovanovic ahead of Panathinaikos’ derby with PAOK on Sunday.

And he made a special mention under the influence of Ioannidis in yesterday’s victory of the “clover”, but also his second personal goal against the Arkades.

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Source: Sport Fm

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