Spanoulis: “Olympiacos is two speeds ahead of us”


The many mistakes were damning for the Pigeon bwinas stated by Vasilis Spanoulis after the 84-64 loss to Olympiakosin the Super Cup semi-final, saying that the “red and whites” were playing two… speeds above his team.

Vassilis Spanoulis stated in detail at the press conference:

We played a better team. Olympiacos was better on the field. I believe the difference in quality and athleticism of the two teams was shown in many places. We have different goals with Olympiakos.

We tried to be competitive. At one point we went ahead with 30-29, but with 18 mistakes and most of them cheap ones that caught Olympiacos by surprise, you have no luck to win. Olympiacos shot at very high rates, I think it was one speed, two speeds above us. It’s the first game of the season. We’ll look to fix what we didn’t do well and be ready for what’s next.

We had a lot of players out of the game. It is difficult to compete with Olympiakos. It’s human for some kids not to play well. I definitely want more surprises. In terms of rebounds, we did well against a team with the size of Olympiacos.

Olympiacos is built to win all the titles. The roads are different. We must not get disoriented. The tones must drop a bit, because we played good matches in the pre-season. Apart from Panathinaikos, who had shortcomings that day, we did not play a team of such scope. But we definitely played against teams that are at the same level as us and we had a good image. We must not be distracted by this game from our goals.

We will not play against such teams many times, but in the process, when we face teams like Olympiakos and Panathinaikos, we must be more careful in our choices, not make cheap mistakes and be more efficient».

Source: Sport Fm

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