Takianos: “We are a team without such a deep roster, but there are demands”


The fourth and last place of the Super Cup of Rhodes was finally occupied by PAOKwho suffered the defeat 64-49 from Peristeri bwin in the small final of the event.

The technician of the “biceps of the north”, Fotis Takianos, he spoke about the image of his team both in tonight’s match and in the competition as a whole, stressing among other things that although there is no depth in the roster, however, the demands are high.

Fotis Takianos’ statements in detail:

“Today’s game is of special circumstances. We are coming from a special and difficult game yesterday, today we had to prepare early. We’re a team without such a deep roster that can’t play back-to-back and be the way it should be. The success from our participation in the Super Cup is the experiences and conclusions we have drawn. Even with this process, useful conclusions can be drawn about what we need to improve and how to handle things. There are requirements in these groups. We are a team with a lot of young players and we have to recognize what league we are playing in.

I want to focus on the group process. When one player stands out, it means you work as a team. We separated some elements of him when we got him, he is in a development. The question is whether his own good performance will make our team better. It’s a demanding season. We wish everyone success.”

Source: Sport Fm

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