Olympiacos tied Panathinaikos and lifted the Super Cup!


Super launch just for him Olympic!

Against an unconnected Panathinaikos the most ready “red and white” set up a “party” in the Rhodes Super Cup final and winning with the emphatic 75-51celebrated winning the first title of the season!

From the first quarter, Piraeus showed their… appetites, as through their excellent defense they shut it down with 16-4 in their favorwhile the end of the first part found them at +26 (37-11). On the contrary, the first half of the “greens” was disastrous with 0/13 three-pointers and no assists!

Leading for Olympiakos o Lorentzakis with 20 points, with Kanan adding 12p. Exuberant Walkupwho had just 2 points, but got 7 rebounds and handed out 8 assists, while close to a double-double Sikma with 4 p. and 9 rebounds.

For the “greens”, stood out the Hernangometh and Grant with 15 p. and 14p. respectively. THE Sloukas he had 9 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists, but also 0/5 three-pointers.

The match

Olympiacos started with Milutinov, Peters, Papanikolaou, Kanan and Walkap, while on the other hand Panathinaikos started with Lesor, Hernangometh, Grant, Guy and Sluka. After the nervous first three minutes (5-4), the “red and white” took full control of the derby. Through their excellent defense, the players of Barzoka forced the “greens” into a series of mistakes and bad choices in the attack, while on the other hand, with the orexatus Milutinov and Papanikolaou in the execution and Walkap in the creation, they made a 9-0 run in the remaining minutes, closing the first period at +12 (16-4).

The image of the match remained the same in the second quarter. With its defense, Olympiacos did not allow Panathinaikos to create, which constantly made mistakes and continued to execute under bad conditions in the attack, while at the same time Bartzokas’ players had full control of the rebounds. On the other hand, initially with Sikmas and then with the “hot” outside the 6.75m. Larentzakis, the Piraeus went on a 16-0 run (and a total of 27-0 from the first period!), for +28 (32-4), until 17′. The “clover” broke the… pomegranate in the second quarter with 3/3 shots from Sluka and a basket from Antetokounmpo for a small 5-0 (32-9). In the last minutes, Piraeus responded with McKissick and Larentzakis and thus went to the locker room with +26 (37-11).

With Milutinov’s basket, Olympiacos tied the maximum +28 (39-11) in the first attack of the second half. On the other hand, Panathinaikos started a little better with proper circulation in the attack and somewhat reduced the distance (43-22), until 23′. There, the “red and white” responded with Peters and Kanan for the new +26 (48-22), in the 25th minute. From that point on, the match became a little more free with Hernangometh having a rhythm, aggressively keeping the “greens”, but the Piraeus kept control and with Kanan closed the third period at +22 (56-34).

With Larentzakis continuing to be just as “hot” in the fourth quarter from the perimeter, Olympiacos had set up a… floor party, jumping the difference to +30 (64-34), in the 33rd minute. Since then, the derby has become a little frivolous and the pace has plummeted, while there was also a “heated episode” between Kanan and Antetokounmpo. This development “braked” the Piraeus, with Panathinaikos reducing the difference (67-48), until the 37th minute. The last minutes were procedural with Olympiakos winning the final 75-51.

The quarters: 16-4, 37-11, 56-34, 75-51

See here the match statistics

Watch the film of the match here

Source: Sport Fm

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