Zervas: “Olympiakos’ eye was shining from the beginning – MVP Walkup blocked Sluka”


In the performance caught by Olympic despite the problems he was facing, the eye of his players that… shined on Tomas Walkup and Nikola Milutinov, Nikos Zervas referred to his “air” News Bulletin 247.

The reporter of the Greek champions initially reported that not even the team itself expected to respond so positively in the final with so many problems and absences, stressing that the homogeneitythe automations and the right mentality brought victory, with the players of the “red and whites” coming in determined from the start, bringing as an example the fact that they were always first to the ball, while on the other hand the same was not true for Panathinaikos.

He then underlined that Thomas Walkup he was the finals MVP, lock him up Kostas Sloukas who knows him well and maybe this will prove important during the season, underlining at the same time that the grumpy world of Olympiakos got the… answer from his performance Nikola Milutinovwhich – as he mentioned – is still at 20-30% of its readiness.

Finally, he deified the movement of Kostas Papanikolaou that he gave to George Bartzokas to lift the trophy, noting that in this game the dominance of Olympiakos in the last two years was confirmed and everyone’s goal is to improve even more in the next period.

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Source: Sport Fm

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