The referee-VAR conversation in the phase with Dias’ disallowed goal has been made public


The conversation continues unabated around the much-discussed phase with the erroneously disallowed goal of Luis Diaz, in the match of Liverpool with the Tottenham which was held last Saturday (30/9).

After the intense reactions and the announcement issued by Liverpool, the Association of Referees of England (PGMOL) decided to publicize the conversation the match referee had with the VARsduring the disputed phase.

Let’s remember that PGMOL had officially positioned itself after the match, citing a serious human error and emphasizing that the goal should have counted.

VAR and AVAR of the match, Darren England and Dan Cook they were punished by entering… the ice until further notice, while the biggest Media of the Island report that the mistake happened because the VAR thought that the referee had initially counted the goal and rushed to tell him that the “check is complete”, considering that his colleague he had made the right decision from the beginning.

Source: Sport Fm

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