PAOK: Proposal for a 3D offside control system and goal line technology


At today’s SuperLeague meeting,PAOK submitted two important proposals regarding the arbitration and ways to improve decision-making through technology.

Specifically, the vice-president and managing director of the “black and white” PAE, Makis Gagatsisinitially raised the issue of acquisition and installation 3D offside control system. A technology that first appeared recently Qatar World Cup and in fact with particular success, while it is already used in the first category of Italy, the Serie A.

The second sentence of “the biceps of the north” has to do with goal line technology, a system that immediately notifies the referee of whether or not the ball has crossed the goal line. Both of these PAOK proposals were made with a view to reduce the chances of human error in the league games.

For its part, the League committed to deal with these two proposals, initially investigating the costs and then discussions with the State for the assumption of installation costs, if and when the cases proceed.

At the same time, PAOK requested an immediate convening of the Professional Football Committee, both for the issue that has arisen regarding the succession situation of the league’s chief referee, as well as for the issue of the person in charge of VAR, Joao Capela, asking for her resignation of, after taking up a position during his time as chief referee, Steve Bennett.

Source: Sport Fm

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