Guardiola on Champions League changes: “I read it in the newspapers, nobody asked us”


The coach of Manchester City spoke about the changes coming to the format and the way the Champions League is conducted, Pep Guardiolaat the press conference before his team’s match against Leipzig (4/10, 22:00) in Germany.

The Spanish coach again expressed his opposition to the large number of games, while clarifying that no one asked the opinion of players and coaches before the changes were finalised.

What the Manchester City coach said in detail:

On his team’s 7-0 win against Leipzig last year: “However, we drew 1-1 at their home ground. Different game. It was a good match for us, we were in shape, we were on a run, we wanted to reach the final and we did. Now we are in the group stage, a completely different situation. “Leipzig is a very good team, they attack properly in the spaces they find, if we win it will be a very important step for us, so that we get closer to the qualification”.

For Stones and Silva: “They feel better. Bernardo better than Stones. Both are together, we will decide before the game whether they will play”.

On Haaland’s recent difficulties: “He had many chances to score. It becomes more difficult when dealing with 5 defenders, inside the area. But that goes for every footballer. If you look at the chances and the goals he’s scoring, he’s at the same level as last year.”.

For VAR: “It has changed the job of the referees, because now they don’t make the decisions, but the VARs. I understand Liverpool, the decision will be made by those in charge, They have to find a way so that the protagonists are the footballers. Now it’s the referees, who should be more humble and let the players do what they have to do. Then they will be better”.

On the Wolves loss: “Our opponents made two finals inside the goal and won. This is football. We have to improve, we were missing some key players last year. We have a lot of young people who have to adapt”.

On the changes coming to the structure of the Champions League: “The format is changing, but I don’t know what disadvantages there will be for a team that makes it to the quarter-finals or the semi-finals. There will be more teams, but I don’t know how many more games. 15 or 17. Two or three more means a month more. And then you got tired? Go play Club World Cup in USA. I read about the changes in the papers, no one asked the players or the coaches. You ask me and I answer, but my answer won’t change anything. Good food takes time to cook. If it goes in the microwave it’s not the same. Everything is happening so fast, while the demands are growing. I’ve said it before. Only the footballers themselves can change the situation”.

Source: Sport Fm

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