“Let the first Super Cup final be a celebration”


Present at the press conference of the first women’s Super Cup handball final between PAOK and Nea Ionia, which will be held on Wednesday in Lefkovrysi, Kozani, were representatives of OHE, the local government, as well as the coaches and captains of the two finalists.

What was said in detail:

Kostas Stamatiadis (General Secretary of OHE): “I am very happy that after two years we are returning to Kozani, which is our second home in terms of sports. We have friends who love us and are always happy to host us in this stadium and I wish we had one like this for the sport in Attica.

We are still in the shadow of the catastrophic flood in Thessaly. People there are experiencing situations that are unspeakable and still difficult. The Federation will try to do something to help and, given the opportunity, but also because of the presence of the Mayor, I would like to propose on the occasion of the match of the Women’s National Team with Romania here on October 14 that we call together the world, so that collect basic necessities.

It is the first event of the year for our girls, two teams, arguably the best in the country, historic, two super teams for women’s handball in Greece. This particular game will be a very beautiful game that we await with joy and interest. We always want to highlight the role of women in society, because we think it is the most important.

We thank, once again, the Municipality of Kozani and the Region of Western Macedonia, as well as the girls who participated in the beautiful video together with the help from the PAOK press office”.

Lazaros Maloutas (Mayor of Kozani): “We welcome the two teams we host in Kozani and the people of the Federation. We are pleased to undertake this joint initiative for the people of Thessaly. We as a Municipality have already sent trucks with humanitarian aid, as well as earthmoving machines to Trikala. We are hosting another handball match, in an area where the sport has a long tradition.

In the past it has experienced great glories, there have been great successes by teams and athletes who have distinguished themselves. It is a pleasure and an honor to host such events. By the end of the year, the energy upgrade of the indoor facility will also begin and thus competitions will be able to be organized twelve months a year, as well as soon all the roads around the surrounding area will be asphalted.”

Zisis Maras (President of OAPN): “We welcome the two leading women’s handball teams in Greece in the last decade. It is our pleasure to host such matches. We invite all fellow citizens to come tomorrow and watch a strong game. We are always helpful in the Federation’s efforts, next week we are also hosting the Women’s National Team”.

Yannis Andalis (technician of OFN Ionia): “First Women’s Super Cup, a new institution. The teams have not finalized their playing philosophy. It is a special game in itself. As many times as Nea Ionia and PAOK have met, they have offered a very beautiful spectacle and competitive games. We respect PAOK, we also respect our own great history and the high goals we have set.

The quality of the athletes of the two teams ensures that it will be a very strong game between the top teams of Greece. We are very grateful to Kozani, because whenever needed, it gladly hosted our sport and especially our National teams.

For us in Nea Ionia, Kozani brings back good memories from the Final Four of the Cup in 2018 – the last time we were here – and we hope to be just as happy tomorrow after the end of the match”.

Magda Kepesidou (head of OFN Ionia):“One more title was added in Greece, to the already existing league and Cup, and this makes us happy because Nea Ionia always aimed for the titles and was in the finals. Last year the titles were shared.

It is the first match of the year in Greece, it will be a strong game, but I think that both teams will present themselves better in the future”.

Dimitris Pelekidis (PAOK Mateco technician):“It is the first Super Cup organized in women’s handball. It is a title of great importance for both teams. Sure, the teams are not at the desired level, but we are talking about the two best teams in Greece in women’s handball, so it will be a strong game and we want it to be a celebration of the sport.

For us, tomorrow is an important day because it is a day of remembrance for the club, in 1999 six children were lost in the accident in Tempe. We want the trophy for the team, but also to commemorate the children. I wish a good injury-free year for all teams.”

Maria Hatziparasidou (head of PAOK Mateco):“I want to thank, on behalf of the team, all the responsible bodies for holding the match. We are excited and ready, working for two months now for the first title of the year.

Tomorrow there will be a tough battle between the two top teams of the country. We want it very much, not only for our club, but also for the bereaved children of Tempe”.

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