Marinakis: “Another matchday with Mandalous cannot be played – Solution or the League does not define the matches”


He was clear Vangelis Marinakis through his placement on its Board of Directors Super League.

The chairman of the organizing authority and his boss Olympiakoustated that another match cannot be played with… Mandalus and that since no solution has been found within the period of the interruption, the League will not set the games.

At the same time, he emphasizes that “distrust and violence are in the red and the Super League cannot remain apathetic in the face of all this”while stating that the arbitration must have a professional model.

To complete as it should from the EPO to inform everyone of the conversations they have with Mr. Rossetti.

The position of Vangelis Marinakis in detail:

As you all know we are at a pivotal point for football. We all have to decide together, as a cooperative, whether we want to go further or not.

Throughout Europe football is flourishing economically and athletically and there is rapid growth. Big investors get into football because they see it as a place to invest. In Greece it is possible to invest in a large group or acquire and develop a smaller one. Unfortunately, no. We have to go further.

I personally make it clear from the beginning that I am not willing to play with my team and its world and with football as a whole. I imagine neither Mr. Alafouzos, nor Mr. Savvidis, nor Mr. Melissanidis wants to.

After Bennett’s coup hire, despite the vast majority of Super League being completely against it, KED became a farce. We saw games not being played for measurements, we saw referees coming out drunk, we saw definitions of Greeks in derbies that were changed to foreigners after the intervention of Baltakos, president of the EPO. We have seen unprecedented events with VARs altering games and the league by changing the lines. And for the first time an admission was made by them (KED) that this happened!

A little while ago we just had the hope that something would change with the Mitsotakis-Ceferin agreement and the Holistic Study. Nothing changed once again.

We ALL the so called Big 4 agreed that we will go to a KED with foreigners, three foreigners and foreign referees in the derbies and the 4 games with Aris. All this came to be overturned by Mr. Bennett in last year’s championship, when he appointed Mr. Sidiropoulos to Panathinaikos-AEK and then with Baltakou’s intervention, which is not foreseen anywhere, he changed and appointed a foreign referee.

We asked Mr. Bennett for a meeting and he told us like a Cardinal that we, 14 teams should go to see him in the EPO and not for him to come to the Super League and in the end he didn’t show up. Finally, when the famous meeting with Bennett took place, an informal meeting, we were informed that without a decision, absolutely illegally and irregularly, Mr. Mandalos, the real chief referee is his “vice president” in the KED.

He saw the correspondence, he knew beforehand the definitions, he defined who accompanies the referees.

I say again. There was no decision about this from the EEP or the Executive of the EPO and they just made sure after that to the General Assembly of the EPO to hand out a report of events that states that Mandalos has the duties of vice president, so vaguely and without any decision.

Just to have it written down somewhere. And other scandals and other irregularities.

After the latest developments that led Bennett to leave KED, we learned from Baltakou’s announcements that Mandalos is “deputy President” of KED. Where does this come from? It is a simple move by Baltaku who knew that with the “Vice President” he would not be able to appoint referees as he has done in the last two matches.

New corruption of the Championship by a guy who according to the agreement of the Big 4 masters and according to the Holistic Study should be involved in amateur football only.

Instead, he and his minions continue to undermine football. Well, to finish and because I see that the State is apathetic and absent from the serious issues of football, which concerns everyone as a social good.

I do not intend to tolerate all this any longer and that is why I called you today to an extraordinary council. To have clear conversations and take a stand for something that concerns us all.

• The EEP must be convened immediately and the operating framework of the KED must be defined. Immediately ask UEFA/FIFA for names of 3 head referee candidates with full CVs, who will have nothing to do with Greece and to decide who will be the head referee and will be flanked by two other members also foreigners. Mandaloi, Lampadariou and other saprophytes should have nothing to do with professional football. Never again and for no reason.

• It must be made absolutely clear that the games of the Big 4 and the 4 with Aris will be refereed by elite foreign referees, first division or second division referees from advanced leagues, of the top 15 UEFA Ranking countries

If these are not changed immediately and are not decided on the occasion of the break, the following Championship games will not be determined by the League. Another matchday with Mandalus cannot be played.

I related all of the above in today’s Agenda to the issues of violence which, as you know, is on the rise. In almost all the stadiums we see banners of hate from the fans and even this does not ring the bell or the bell for the State officials. But we as professional football should care. When the Championship takes place with each Papapetrou drawing offside lines, then the outbreak of violence will also have reasons and it’s just a matter of time before the bad happens.

Everyone’s concern should be to have a league free from mistrust and violence. Correctly;

So today both mistrust and violence are in the red and the Super League cannot remain apathetic in the face of all this.

We said let’s create a professional arbitration body, study the existing models and let people we don’t even know come to run this project. Some are kicking for Clattenberg. You don’t want Clattenberg? It’s the same to me. Let’s put another one. Don’t you understand that a professional model should be made to escape some addicts?

Shouldn’t we have independent and well trained financial referees? Who will do this? Only we can do it if we really want to go further. If we don’t want to, that’s another matter.

A question must be asked directly to the EPO about the composition and operation of the KED. Let’s see what are the roles and responsibilities of each. And if what is done is consistent with the arbitration regulations and with the holistic study. Of course, there is no discussion about Mandalo, whose presence is illegal, and I would like them to show us if there is a record of change of status signed by all the members of the KED for Mandalo.

Finally, the EPO must immediately inform us about the correspondence and communications we read in the press with Mr. Rossetti. Who is communicating with which object and where are we?

Source: Sport Fm

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