Martinez is preparing them for a difficult match in Serbia


Her name may not cause fear or… respect, but at Olympiakos they know very well what they have in front of them. THE Diego Martinez he has in his hands the report from the scouting team about his team’s next opponent and is preparing his players for a game with a high degree of difficulty.

In Piraeus, they have analyzed Batska Topola and know her racing data very well. THE Martinez has pointed out to his players that this is a good team, and it would not be otherwise to break the dipole in the Serbian league between Red Star and Partisans. According to what has been conveyed to the coach of Olympiakos by those who have watched it, this is a team that has defensive weaknesses and is not that good in the high game, but knows very well how to play in transition and create attacks in the first half.

This is also its main competitive element, what gives it great strength and points out to his players that Martinez should pay attention.

Competitively, Masouras is estimated to take a starting position, maybe even O Solbakken. Freire has been ruled out as he is injured with Rezzo likely to be the one to start in the XI.

Source: Sport Fm

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