World Cup 2030: Direct qualification for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay


Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguaywill host three of his 104 matches 2030 World Cup and consequently their national teams, secured direct qualification, given to the main host countries, Morocco, Spain and Portugalas FIFA announced today (5/10).

The top event, which will be held for the second time in history with 48 teams, is now “looking” for 42, in order to complete the “puzzle” of the final phase.

FIFA had announced direct qualification only for Morocco, Spain and Portugal, but today all three national teams from Latin America were added to the “favoured”.

With the increase from 32 to 48 participants, starting with the 2026 World Cup hosted by the United States, Canada and Mexico, “three of the six spots” allocated to the South American zone have already been taken. Thus, a final “ticket” will be added that will be “sealed” through an intercontinental play-off, according to the FIFA spokesman.

Three-time world champions, Argentina have been in every final since 1974, while Uruguay have been in every edition since 2010. Paraguay, on the other hand, have missed out on the last three World Cups and their last appearance dates back to 2010 .

The three countries, which were originally candidates along with Chile to host the tournament, eventually “backed out” in exchange for hosting the first three games and the centenary celebrations of the World Cup, which was instituted in Montevideo in 1930.

Source: Sport Fm

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