Sweeping Red Star destroyed Villeurbanne in the first match of the Euroleague!


He started it in an “ultrasound” way Euroleague The Red Star!

Dusko Ivanovic’s side were unstoppable against Villerban and defeated it with a score of 94-73, starting the tournament on the “right” side and showing that this year it has the potential to star!

The hosts took advantage of the unimaginable atmosphere in the “Stark Arena” and took control of the game from the start, which they never lost, leading by as much as +25 (62-37).

The leader of the match was Shabazz Napier, who proved to be one of the top signings of the summer, scoring 21 points. 17 points were scored by Rokas Gentraitis, while Marko Simonovic scored 14 and Nemanja Nedovic scored 12. For the guests, who disappointed, stood out Joffrey Lauvergne with 18 points and 6 rebounds.

The match

THE Red Star entered the match very strongly with the protagonists of Marko Simonovic and Shabazz Napier, escaping early with 10 points (17-7). Paris Lee and Joffrey Loverne tried to reduce, but o Napier restored the double-digit difference (24-14). With a three-pointer by Hanga, the hosts went to +13 (29-16), with the first period ending at 29-18.

In the second period, the image of the match remained stable, with the hosts dominating the floor and staying ahead with double-digit differences, thanks to the entry of the very positive Milos Teodosic (34-20), with Nedovic making +15 (37-22). Gradually, he also joined… the dance Rokas Giedraitiswith Napier remaining “hot” and the difference slipping away until +21 at halftime (52-31).

In the second half, the French entered with a desire to reduce, reducing the difference to 17 thanks to Louvavou-Kambaro (54-37), with the improbable Napier to answer with a three-pointer (57-37). The Serbians got back into the spirit of the match and even increased their lead even more, which reached +25 (62-37). Villerban kept putting the difference away, but never in single digits, with the hosts controlling the match thanks to the formidable Nedovic until the end of the third period (69-55).

Red Star-Villerban

And while Villerban started to… hope with the not so prohibitive -14, with a quick 5-0 this turned into -19 again (74-55), thanks to Nedovic and Simonovich. From there, the rest of the match was procedural, with the home team slowing down and the situation not changing until the final.

The quarters: 29-18, 52-31, 69-55, 94-73

Detailed match statistics here

Source: Sport Fm

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