Great PAOK, they knew Eintracht in stoppage time and are aiming for qualification!


He redeemed himself with a winning goal o Koulierakis and PAOK made a qualification jump to the next phase!

The “double-header of the North” won 2-1 Eintracht Frankfurt for the 2nd matchday of its groups European Conference Leaguein a game that turned into a thriller with a happy ending for the “black and whites”, since the 20-year-old Greek defender was responsible for the equalization of the “eagles”, but with his own goal in stoppage time he redeemed himself and caused the… earthquake in fully booked Tuba.

Earlier, the score for PAOK was opened by Andrija Zivkovic with direct foul execution and as we mentioned above o Marbles brought the game into the balance, with the German side getting the better of most of the second half but losing in the end to Razvan Lucescu’s spirited side who had not had their last word.

In the individual performance of the players, o Meite made his best appearance with the “black and white”, o Zivkovic continued the high flights of this season, while o Kotarsky he was sensational, keeping his team up with great tackles.

Thus, the Thessaloniki team remained alone first in the 7th group with six points, followed by Eintracht with three points, while from one the Aberdeen and Helsinki who drew in their own match. A clear lead for PAOK who can look at the first place that leads to the “16” of the competition, while now it will be very difficult to lose the second place that ensures qualification to the playoffs.

Next matchday (3rd) the “black and white” are tested in Scotland against Aberdeenwhile Eintracht Frankfurt welcomes her Helsinki at its headquarters, two matches scheduled for October 26 at 22:00.

In the minds of the coaches:

THE Razvan Lucescu made five changes to his lineup PAOK, compared to the match with Panathinaikos. THE Kotarsky remained under the posts, captain Adelino Vieirania replaced Tomas Kenziora at right-back, while Ekong, Koulierakis they remained in the center of defence, as did Baba Rahman on the left.

The midfield duo switched to 100% as the Swahili Meite and Magomed Ozdoev took the places of Tsigara and Schwab, while in the attacking trio Zivkovic and Tyson was in Loutsescu’s selections, but not Yiannis Konstantelias with Tomas Murg taking the starting jersey. Finally, PAOK also had a change at the top of the attack, after Brandon Thomas sat on the bench and preferred Ali Samata.

On the other side, Mr Dino Topmeller for Eintracht Frankfurt kept him Trip under the goal of the “eagles”, while – as expected – he chose a trio in defense with Tuta, Mr and Patso. The midfield four consisted of SaibiLarson, Sciri, and Enkunku, et al Hauge-Knauf to move behind the forward Marbles.

The match:

The first minutes of the match were distinctive, with the first chances of both teams being good, but not classic ones that could have given the lead. In the 7th minute, the visitors released the ball and the cross they attempted from the right found the Enkunkuwho found himself unguarded on the left, took the shot, with the ball going wide.

On the other hand, three minutes later (10′) o Vierinia stole the ball, opened on the right to Zivkovic, who saw his move and charged into the area. The “black and white” captain did not have a good view of the goal, but caught the shot on the move, sending the ball past Trapp’s left post. PAOK increased its intensity at that point of the match and in the 16th minute Meite he made a great steal and led his team on the counterattack, Zivkovic saw him Samata and passed the ball to him, who with an ideal finish made it 1-0. However, the home team were unlucky after examining him VARthe Tanzanian was inches from an offside position.

However, in the 28th minute his team Razvan Lucescu took the lead and at this stage no one could cancel PAOK’s goal. Specifically, Mr Murg won a free kick from the right and the execution was taken over by Zivkovicwith the Serb executing beautifully in the area, nobody could find the ball, which ended up in Trapp’s net.

After half an hour of play the Eintracht she raised her lines and intensity, but struggled to find the lanes that would lead her to the classic opportunities. Thus, in the 35th minute, a shot by him Marbles he passed high out, however two minutes later (37′) his finish Skiri it was excellent, with Kotarski pulling off a rather difficult and at the same time stunning save, clearing for a corner.

In the 40th minute, PAOK came forward and had a good moment, as they circulated the ball nicely, o Tyson he laid to Ozdoev who took the shot but the ball went high and wide. The half did not have another good moment and with 1-0 the two teams went to the locker room.

In the second half, Eintracht started better and in the 54th minute they threatened with a strange phase! Kotarski tried to punch away a cross from the right but it didn’t go away, the Knauf headed in from close range, with the Croat deflecting for a corner. The “eagles” continued to press, they pressed better on the pitch and in the 62nd minute the Croatian goalkeeper of PAOK said “no” to his dangerous position Marbles.

In the end, the visitors’ equalizer did not come from a team effort of their own, but from a cheap mistake by Koulierakis. In the 68th minute, the 20-year-old miscalculated the ball, he was pressured by Marbleswho found himself in a position to score and with a strong finish brought the game into balance for 1-1.

Lucescu refreshed his team with the entry of Despodov, Konstantelia and Tomas, while he changed the faces of the midfield. THE Shaibi threatened with a free-kick, which was impressively saved by Kotarski, while the home side had a good moment with Swab. But tonight the football was on PAOK’s side and in stoppage time after a foul, the ball was laid to Koulierakis who sent the ball into the net for 2-1, with which he redeemed himself for the mistake he made and gave the spirited “two-headed man of the North” a huge victory.

MVP: Finally, Mr Meite he showed his quality in the most difficult – so far – game he has played against PAOK. The 29-year-old midfielder produced his best performance with the “black and white”, he was everywhere in the center, won many balls and duels, convincingly sending the message to Lucescu that he will give many things this year to the “two-headed man of the North”. However, he will miss the next game as he saw the red card in the scuffle after the end of the match. Amazing match from him too Kotarsky with six saves, keeping his team up at a point where they were under a lot of pressure from Eintracht.

The whistle: The Italian Simone Socha he did not influence the course of the game with his decisions, while in the altercation in front of the whistle after the end of the match he showed the red card to the Meite and Trump.

PAOK (Razvan Lucescu): Kotarski, Vieirinia, Ekong, Koulieraki, Baba, Ozdoev (67′ Schwab), Meite (77′ Tsigaras), Zivkovic, Murg (67′ Constantelias), Tyson (77′ Daspontov), ​​Samata (85′ Thomas).

Eintracht Frankfurt (Dino Topmeller): Trapp, Knauf, Tuta, Koch, Patso, Nkuku (46′ Buta), Larsson, Scarry, Hauge (61′ Ebibe), Marmus (76′ N’ Gangam), Saibi (90′ Hasebe).

Referee: Simone Socha

Assistants: Alberto Tegoni, Giovanni Bacchini

4th: Andrea Colombo

VAR: Maurizio Mariani

Source: Sport Fm

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