Absolute division between Aberdeen and Helsinki, the pioneer PAOK smiles!


Absolute sharing with a winner PAOK in Scotland!

Aberdeen and Helsinki they were tied at 1-1 after an uninspiring match, with both teams now on 1 point each, well behind the 6-point leader “the two-headed of the north”!

The first half of the match was uneventful phases but certainly with several injuries, with players from both teams constantly on the ground. Somehow, the two opponents had no rhythm, with the first half holding on 55 minutes due to long delays, without any notable opportunity.

In the replay, the two teams were able to find more pace, with Helsinki shocking the hosts in the 59th minute thanks to a goal from Bojan Radulovic, who beat the opposing goalkeeper with a powerful shot. The home side then took control of the match looking for an answer, which they eventually found with him Bojan Miovski in 79′. From then on, nothing changed in the match and thus it ended with a draw score.

The results of the 2nd round:

Aberdeen-Helsinki 1-1

(79′ Miovski – 59′ Radulovic)

PAOK-Eintracht-Frankfurt 2-1

(28′ Zivkovics, 90+2′ Koulierakis – 68′ Marmos)

The next (3rd) matchday:

October 26

Eintracht Frankfurt-Helsinki (22:00)

Aberdeen-PAOK (22:00)

The standings of the 7th group:

Source: Sport Fm

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