Trapp: “Lucescu made gestures! My dismissal is a scandal”


Furious with him Razvan Lucescu and his expulsion was the Kevin Trapp after its end Eintracht’s match with PAOK and its defeat in Toumba (2-1) for the Conference League.

After the final whistle, I saw some people heading towards the players’ bellows. Obviously there were some challenges from PAOK’s side. Then I saw their coach step out of the crowd and gesture. I went and told him ‘Calm down! Game is over. Everything is OK’. Then he said something to me and so did some other people from PAOK. And then I saw the red card! To me this is a scandal!“, the German goalkeeper emphasized to RTL.

After the end of the match they cursed me in English and Greek. I told them to calm down. The PAOK players apologized for this behavior of their team staff. I told the referee I didn’t do anything, but he stood by his decision to send me off. I can not figure it out“, he added.

Source: Sport Fm

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