Amber Alert for parental abduction of a minor issued yesterday by the Smile of the Child, for a 2-year-old boy who has been missing since the end of August

According to the Smile of the Child, which yesterday issued an Amber Alert for his disappearance on 26/08/2023, the father of Giorgos Lymberopoulos, 2 years old, abducted the minor, in the Athens area, without a relevant court order and since then they have been missing.

Following a prosecutor’s order, “Smile of the Child” proceeded on 5/10/2023 to activate the AMBER ALERT HELLAS mechanism, as there are indications that the child’s life may be in danger.

Giorgos Lymberopoulos has blond hair, green eyes, height 1 meter and weight 14 kg. It is unknown what she is wearing.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact “The Child’s Smile” by phone 24 hours a day, on the “European Hotline for Disappearances 116000”, in all the Police Departments of the country and also through the Missing Alert app, where there is a live update for extinction.