Elite League: Jumbo ball in the club season


THE Elite League Henry Dunan returns today in its new form for the 2023/24 season. The 16 teams are ready to start and the championship promises to be highly competitive.

In the program of the premiere, the matches stand out Mykonos-Herakles and Panionios-Eleftheroupolias the two new teams along with Milos have one of the strongest rosters in the division, while Giraos, after being released from bans, also enters the season with ambitions.

The jumbo ball in the season will take place at 16:00 with the match between Panionios and Eleftheroupoli, which will be televised by Action 24, while at the same time the match between Papagou and Aia Evosmou will begin.

The Action 24 frequency will broadcast highlights of the matches Panerythraikos-Milo and Hermis Schimatariou-Korivos Amaliadas, which will start at 16:30.

The rest of the action in the category will start at 17:00. All games, including those televised, will be streamed live and online each matchday via the EEC YouTube channel.

Detailed schedule of the first matchday:

Saturday, October 7

16:00 Panionios-Eleftheroupolis (Live from Action 24)


16:00 Papagou-Aia Evosmou


16:30 Panerythraikos-Milon (Snapshots from Action 24)


16:30 Hermis Schimatariou-Koroivos Amaliadas (Snapshots from Action 24)


17:00 Megarida-Charilaos Trikoupis


17:00 AO Mykonos-Herakles


17:00 Doxa Lefkada-Esperos Lamia


17:00 Amyntas-Psychic


The next matchday

Saturday, October 14

16:00 Psychiko-Panionios (Live from Action 24)

16:30 Koroivos Amaliadas-Amyntas (Snapshots from Action 24)

16:30 Iraklis-Papagou (Snapshots from Action 24)

17:00 Milos-Hermis Schimatariou

17:00 Charilaos Trikoupis-Panerythraikos

17:00 Aias Evosmou-Megarida

17:00 Esperos Lamia-AO Mykonos

17:00 Eleftheroupoli-Doxa Lefkada

Source: Sport Fm

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