Takianos: “We need time, we were very nervous”


Fotis Takianos spoke about PAOK’s defeat by Prometheus Patras, trying to explain the reasons for the poor performance of the “two-headed team of the North”.

In detail what he said to ERT:

For the match: “I think we weren’t ready to approach the game properly. With the logic that we have to cope with the stress of the premiere. We are a new team. Players need time. This was distinct. Especially at the beginning when we were very nervous. In defense we were out of position. We have never encountered this before. We need time. We want many hours in the field and to overcome the stress. It’s all a matter of time, training, management. Let’s see how we will function as a team. First from the defense. This is our goal. We didn’t make it today. We will try to improve it and look more competitive. Thank you people for the support. We didn’t pay them back, but we will in the future.”

For the fifth straight defeat in a premiership: “History doesn’t tell us anything. Let’s see what happens today.”

When will PAOK be ready: “We can’t say that. No team can say that. What we can say is that we will work every day.”

In closing, he wanted to send his message on the black anniversary of the tragedy in Tempe: “Let’s pay tribute to these children. Let us remember them and wish strength to their people. It’s the least we can do.”

Source: Sport Fm

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