Gaiardo, the difficult one: He has thrown… void in six teams and all of them have found it dark!


In almost eight years on her bench River PlateThe Marcelo Gaiardo won a total of 14 titles, inside and outside Argentina. In the autumn of 2022, he said goodbye to the “millionaires”, but he still remains unemployed, without having made the long-awaited trip to the other side of the Atlantic for the sake of a European club.

The proposals, of course, were many, with the Argentine rejecting them all, even though some seemed attractive.

And the six on which the Ataque Futbolero page stood, came from teams that wanted – or still want – to return to success, with none of them coming to their senses after… Gaiardo’s annulment!

As is known, Mr Ajaxremains in a quagmire and with Maurice Stein under steam, while the Marseille recently hired Gattuso. THE Lyon are between wear and tear in Ligue 1, with Grosso struggling to lead his side to their first win of the season.

Going further back, the Leeds did not avoid relegation from the Premier League.

In the fresh… Seville also received a negative response and finally it came down to Diego Alonsowhile outside Europe, the -5th and out of contention for titles- Flamenco he is reportedly still trying to convince the 47-year-old technician to take over the team from 2024, but for now the case is not progressing…

Source: Sport Fm

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