With 55 Greek participations in the Loutraki World Championships


The World Veterans Olympic Wrestling Championship and the World Grappling Championship have attracted the interest of the world and in the coming days around 1000 athletes will be in Greece to compete.

In the beautiful city of Loutraki, the heart of World Wrestling will beat and, as expected, the interest is particularly high. Two international events will bring to our country world champions and athletes who have given the sport great joy.

Great interest has been shown by the Greek wrestlers who have declared participation in both events. In total there will be 55 entries in the colors of the National Team, in all styles, with the aim of course of distinction and a place on the winners’ podium.

Let’s remember that on October 14-15 the World Grappling Championship will be held and from October 17 to 23, 2023 the World Veteran Olympic Wrestling Championship.

Both championships are held under the auspices of the Hellenic Wrestling Federation, with the cooperation of the sport’s World Federation.

The support is provided by the Municipality of Loutraki – Perachora – Agios Theodoros, while the implementing body is the Sportcamp sports center.

The Greek mission in detail


Up to 60 years old

Yannis Athanasiadis (78th Free and Greco-Roman)

Dimitris Athanasiadis (88th Greco-Roman)

Up to 55 years old

Vassilis Boukis (70km Greco-Roman)

Dimitris Kefalidis (70 BC Greco-Roman)

Up to 50 years old

Andreas Kliousis (78km Elefthera)

Pavlos Koronidis (88 K. Elefthera)

Christos Tortopidis (88th century Free and Greco-Roman)

Nikos Panoutsos (88k Free and Greco-Roman)

Emzarios Bentinidis (88c. Free and Greco-Roman)

Apostolos Stamos (130kg Freestyle)

Abraham Papadopoulos (130kg Freestyle)

Vassilis Batalas (88 BC Greco-Roman)

Nikos Christopoulos (88 Greek-Roman)

Panagiotis Papageorgiou (88 BC Greek-Roman)

Up to 45 years old

Amir Allah (78c. Free and Greco-Roman)

Spyros Koursaris (130km Freestyle and Greco-Roman)

Efthymis Papageorgiou (78 BC Greco-Roman)

Vassilis Kaloumenos (88 BC Greco-Roman)

Nikos Spyridakis (88 Greek-Roman)

Giannis Spyridakis (88 Greek-Roman)

Up to 40 years old

Efthymis Tserepas (70kg Freestyle)

Viacheslav Karipidis (88 K. Elefthera)

Herakles Siamidis (88c. Free and Greco-Roman)

Ilias Boukis (100m Freestyle and Greco-Roman)

Giannis Kargiotakis (130km Freestyle and Greco-Roman)

Dimitris Vehlioulis (62 Greek-Roman)

Spyros Koutourantzis (100m Greco-Roman)

Kostas Pagonis (130 BC Greco-Roman)


Veterans up to 50 years old

Nikos Panoutsos (92kg Gi & No Gi)

Veterans up to 45 years old

Amir Allah (age 77)

Dimitris Zafiratos (100kg)

Veterans up to 40 years old

Giorgos Kelasidis (66kg Gi & No Gi)

Dimitris Vehlioulis (No Gi)

Vieceslav Karipidis (92kg Gi & No Gi)

Ilias Boukis (100m Gi & No Gi)

Yannis Kargiotakis (130kg Gi & No Gi)


Anastasia Mylonas (80kg Gi & No Gi)

Thanasis Kastanas (66kg Gi & No Gi)

Stavros Asvestas (66kg No Gi)

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