Balcerovski: “Difficult game against Bayern – It was good for us to see the videos”


After the two consecutive defeats by Olympiakos, in the final of the Rhodes Super Cup and in the Euroleague premiere, but the mediocre performance in the victory over Amarousiou, the Panathinaikos will look to get a reaction tomorrow (12/10, 21:15) in the home game against Bayern Munich for the 2nd matchday of the Euroleague.

Speaking at the Media day of the “greens” ahead of tomorrow’s match, Mr Alexander Balcherovsky, referred to both on details who will judge the match with the Bavarians, as well as for her amazing atmosphere created in OAKA by the “clover” friends last week in the “eternal” derby.

At the same time, he also spoke about his choice yesterday Ergin Ataman to show the players videos of their mistakes for 4.5 hours, stressing that this whole process was good for them.

In detail, what Alexander Balcherovsky stated:

For the 4.5 hours the players saw their mistakes on video: “It was good what happened. It was a decision of the coach to show us our mistakes from the previous game. We each saw our mistakes, the coach explained to us what we have to do to… survive and surely after that we have to play better.”

For the game against Bayern: “It will be a difficult game, like every game in the Euroleague. We are ready to play against them. We trained today, the coach explained to us how we should attack and what we should do and we will be ready to cope.”

For Euroleague gameplay: “Every player in the Euroleague is very good and is at a very good level. The defense is mainly what gives results and stops these players. As for me, I continue step by step and through constant training I try to improve and year after year I will get better.”

On the energy he gets from the fans: “For the first time in my life I felt such an emotion and saw this atmosphere in a stadium. Certainly when I played in Gran Canaria we had a lot of fans in the stadium, but the atmosphere in OAKA cannot be described. You have to come here to understand it, the fans don’t stop singing, that’s what gets you going, it’s crazy. If nothing else, we need the fans in the stadium and we will do everything for them.”

Source: Sport Fm

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