They are considering broadcasting referee dialogues live with VAR in the Premier League


Liverpool’s VAR fiasco against Tottenham and the referee’s wrong decision to disallow the goal due to offside has sparked a great deal of discussion to find a way to prevent such mistakes from happening again.

Mark Bullingham, the general manager of the England FA admitted in his statements that one of the solutions that has fallen on the table is to broadcast the dialogues of the referee with the VAR live.

“Usually there’s a split in meetings about that. And very often among the people responsible for marketing, sales and referees. Our view, in terms of marketing and commerce, is that transparency is usually a very good thing and we want fans to be as informed as possible.”he said and continued:

“The issue of live refereeing will continue to come up because greater transparency will show how difficult the referees’ job is, and this has worked in other sports. But there is an understandable nervousness among other people who think the referee’s job is tough enough. In a tournament there are referees who speak many languages, so it is not as simple as some suggest. So I think we are taking a step in the right direction by announcing our decision and explaining why it was made. Let’s see if that allows us to move forward.”concluded.

Source: Sport Fm

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