Davelis: “Dermitzakis is accepted by everyone – the 50 cannibals will be against us”


“Bombs” from the president of AEL, Achillea Davelis, to all those who shouted vulgar slogans about the dead mother of Pavlos Dermitzakis.

The strongman of the Thessaly team, speaking on the Muchachos show with Iraklis Antipas and Dionysis Desyllas on the betarades channel, supported the Greek coach, attacked the abusers calling them “toxic elements” and “cannibals” and spoke of a strict application of the sports law from now on!

Watch the show (excerpt from 31:32)


For what he stated that if Dermitzakis leaves, he will also resign: “In addition to AEL’s announcement, because there was also a marathon discussion with Pavlos Dermitzakis, in our attempt to convince the coach to stay despite the vulgar attack that he and his family received in the name of his dead mother, I stated that if in the end the coach’s decision is to stick with his resignation, I submit my resignation from the presidency and administration of Larissa on the spot. Well, yesterday we had two candidate resignations”.

For the fans who started using abusive slogans: “The presence of a person with social characteristics in the city of Larissa has a purely social character. It involves enormous social decay and is soul-destroying. Assuming you can bear the former, it is certain that you cannot bear the latter along with the abuse of your morals and dignity. The vast majority of society condemns these toxic elements. These are not sports fans. It is if you want some social fringes that have nothing to do with football and sports. It takes advantage of their fan presence which is not legitimate because they do not have a link. This is the grossest of all. They are elements no names. They sometimes come with social and political characteristics, but overlapping to declare AEL, to make other kinds of attacks and to serve other kinds of motives. So we are talking about some social formations that have nothing to do with the healthy fan movement. We do not consider them AEL fans. They are foreign elements to us and their presence in the stadiums is not desirable. Clearly! They will do us a favor if they magically disappear from the field. They have nothing to offer the team but damage. They do not only touch Pavlos Dermitzakis, but the entire management and staff of AEL. And the whole society of Larissa. Here we are talking about life attitude. If in the end football is 50 cannibals who believe they have property rights, that they can at any time and moment be against the law and against everything we call honor and values, then there is no reason for us to participate in this process. We have much more serious things to do in our lives.”

For the reason yesterday’s sad incident happened: “Einstein said that to confront stupidity is to accept defeat. We are talking about serial nonsense here. Incurable. And for a toxicity. They’re basically kids who have been dragged into sad 80s shows that the rest of us should embrace as if the world isn’t moving on. In the 80s, Larissa mourned one of our fellow citizens, Blionas, after a flare was thrown by PAOK fans. Is it possible that anything related to PAOK is insulting 4 decades later? To do that you have to be at least a psychopath! Here countries like Greece and Turkey will at some point speak. Are we going to declare war between north and center because 50 idiots wish to keep this sick fact in their brains? This is not acceptable.

For what measures will the management of AEL take: “With these elements we have neither to agree, nor to discuss, nor to accept. End of story! We don’t recognize them, we don’t want to have anything to do with them, and let the state realize that it has a role and knows what it has to do. We, for our part, will now organize inside the stadium. Until now we have dealt with these elements with civility and humanity. That ended yesterday! The no name elements will understand how sports law works in all its aspects. We will apply the sports law. It includes organized policing and primarily nominal tickets. Are you coming in? With your ID. If these gentlemen want to step on the field again, they will declare their identity and their status. They are allergic to such procedures. Ever wonder why they don’t have links? They don’t want to declare their presence.

On whether Mr. Dermitzakis will remain: “Our coach is pre-selected and absolutely acceptable. I know that Mr. Dermitzakis did his training today. The message sent yesterday to the toxic minority was deafening. We are facing you! They are not the ones facing us because they don’t fill taxis! We will do what we have to do…”

Source: Sport Fm

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