Walkup: “Everything was decided in the last five minutes”


Tomas Walkap emphasized that in the last five minutes Olympiacos had no concentration in defense and attack against Barcelona, ​​he does not consider the absences to be an excuse with the development of the match until the 35th minute, he considers that his presence in the match was not a leader and asked for the errors to be corrected for the coming “devil’s week”.

Analytically: “It was our execution in the last five minutes. We didn’t play well at all, they made big shots and that hurt us. We had no concentration in defense and attack. Sure, we had fatigue and shortcomings, but in the end we should have had better options.”

Of the absences, he said: “Sure, we had racing issues, but that’s no excuse. This. We were ahead in the last five minutes and had a chance to win. But we played… crap. We didn’t do as much as we wanted. There are no excuses. We could have succeeded.”

He commented on his own performance: “It’s difficult for the playmaker. He makes decisions, he puts others in the game. Sure, I hit some shots, but that’s not enough. The playmaker must be a leader.”

Regarding the “devil’s week”, he said: “What I would change in the game is our movement in attack and our options. We make a lot of mistakes and we have to correct them.”

Source: Sport Fm

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