Immobile: “I’ve thought maybe it would have been better to have gone to Saudi Arabia”


With 198 goals in 306 matches with the Lazioit is clear that the Ciro Immobile has a special place in the hearts of the team’s friends.

However, his mediocre performances this season have even drawn criticism from a section of the Roma fans, with the 33-year-old forward also struggling with injury these days.

So, speaking to Il Messaggero, the experienced forward admitted that he thinks it might have been better if he had accepted one of the offers made to him in the summer to go to Saudi Arabia!

What he said in detail:

“It’s only a small part of the world, I don’t even know if I can consider them real Lazio fans. I don’t think a real friend of the team would do that. It is only a matter of time before we win over even the most skeptical.

I thought of her Saudi Arabia when some offers came in the summer, but I decided to reject them to continue playing with the national team and also in the Champions League.

After the start of the season, I asked myself some things, especially after the criticism from some who don’t appreciate my move, instead of asking me how much Lazio could get from my sale. That hurt.

Now my thoughts are not the same as those I had in July. Some days when I was down, I thought it would probably be better if I left.

I don’t want to answer now, I’m thinking about it with my family. In any case, first of all I have to come back and when I’m okay, I’ll make a real decision.

I can’t say that I will stay at Lazio forever because at the moment I am suffering from injuries. If I had scored 20 times, I might have considered staying forever. I don’t want my decision to be based on my current mood.

It’s true that I feel hurt. I see myself at Lazio in the future, but I don’t know in what role. I love Lazio, but I don’t know what will happen in January or June.”

Source: Sport Fm

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