Hassan on the situation in Gaza: “We know very well what has been happening for decades, don’t be stupid”


Hasan was deployed for the war in the Gaza Strip.

The former Olympiakos football player, with his post on Instagram, wanted to express his sadness for what is happening, revealing some facts, while he expressed his support for Palestine, essentially denying what was written by famous people who said that he was on his side Israel.

Hassan’s post states:

“I moved to Europe 11 years ago, so I have non-Arab followers and friends, so this post I’m sharing about Palestine is for you.

I and my Arab friends already know very well what has been going on for decades.

Israel took the land of Palestine, killed thousands of people, destroyed everything and Palestine after too many years of trying to resist even with the small weapons they have, the western media called them terrorists!!

Western media said they decapitated 40 babies but there were no photos or videos to prove it, so it’s another fake story.

I am against anyone who kills civilians or innocent people! But the real terrorists here are the ones who are bombing the whole country, 2 million people 40% of them are children, cutting off water, electricity, food, fuel, using international banned gases and they said they are fighting human animals!!!

Also some celebrities posted photos of Gaza and say I’m with Israel! You can side with whoever you want just don’t be an idiot to post the tragedy in Gaza as it is in Israel.

I think if you have even a small piece of heart you would be really sad and broken inside after seeing all that is happening in Palestine these days.

I hope that when you find yourself in a decision making position or in a discussion about this, you know the truth.

I almost forgot to tell you that Social media platforms ban accounts that dare to show the truth in this atrocity.

Who cares if we face consequences trying to be their voice outside the trenches.”

Check out this Instagram post.

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Source: Sport Fm

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