Fazoli will immediately begin serving his sentence – His deal with the prosecution!


Latest development regarding case of illegal betting in Italy comes from ‘Sky Sport Italia’.

THE Nikolo Fazoli in a new contact he had with the prosecutor of Turin he came to an agreement with him so that there would be absolute cooperation between the two sides. Her young midfielder Juventus he will not appeal, nor will he try through his legal representatives to change the charges against him.

Specifically, the prosecutor is expected to announce his punishment immediately Fajoli for the fact that she was gambling and will begin to punish her immediately. The information from the neighboring country states that the Italian footballer can be punished with up to 10 months out of football, with the fact that he cooperates with the authorities to lighten his sentence.

THE Fajoli gives all the information he has available about the illegal betting network operating in Italy, while in the morning he testified that the Tonally he was the one who gave him the illegal app to bet on races.

Source: Sport Fm

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