Mexas: “We did everything right in the beginning”


Kostas Mexas emphasized that everyone in Lavrio is shocked by the death of the 23-year-old Anatoli and in the performance difference in the two halves, the good one at the start and the bad one in the second, he stood on the luck they needed to win in the end, he congratulated his players and thanked the people for their presence.

Analytically: “Before talking about the game, I want to refer to the untimely loss of the 23-year-old East. It was an event that shocked everyone in Lavrio and we want to send our condolences from all of the team. We were pretty good at the start of the game on both sides of the floor. We had very good pace and intensity, we had speed in execution, we were accurate and we got a difference.

At the beginning of the second half we entered very sluggish, without any mind in the game, with a lot of individual actions, without cooperation, relaxed in defense and we gave the right to Kolossos who has quality to return to the match and make it a big derby. In the end, the luckiest one won, it was us and I want to congratulate the guys because they showed character in the end, especially when the game went “wrong” at the end.

I hope we can learn from the way we went into the second half and keep working with confidence, because there is a long way to go in the league. I want to thank the crowd for their presence on the pitch, I feel we satisfied them with the result and we all hope to have them around. Good luck to Kolossos, who are truly a team in every sense of the word.”

Source: Sport Fm

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