Hats off to Ronaldo: “The dressing room smelled of alcohol – I told him to lose weight and he lost… 1.5 kilos”


For his rich activity Ronaldo and… outside the field he spoke in a smooth way o Fabio Capello.

Talking to students of the University Institute of Linguistic Mediators (Limec), o great Italian coach referred to his second term at Real in the 2006-07 season.

So answer why he came to you rupture with the “phenomenon”, saying characteristically:

“In February 2007 I decided to expel Ronaldo. He was someone he loved to do party and enticed others from the group to date him. One day the Van Nistelrooy he came and said to me:

“Coach, it smells alcohol in the locker room”. And it was truth!

Ronaldo weighed in 94 kg that year. At the 2002 Korea World Cup weighed 82. I told him to lose weight and he fell into… 92.5».

Indicative of the appreciation that… he didn’t feed to Ronaldo because of his persuasions is also the story that Capello told about him Fabio Berlusconi:

“He called me one day to ask me my opinion in the possibility of buying Ronaldo. I advised him not to, saying it was… party animal and that all he was interested in was being surrounded by women. He told me “ok, Fabio, thanks” and the next day Ronaldo signed in Milan. He didn’t hear me…”

Among the others who were interviewed Hat it was also his coexistence with another… special character, the Antonio Cassanoanswering for him also with meaning:

“He came many times to conflict with him. He was asking fried potatoes before every game which was unacceptable. I was more angry with him cook, than with him. I didn’t understand why he did these things.”

Source: Sport Fm

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