20,000 euro fine to Olympiakos for “fascist Baltako”


“Bell” for PAE Olympic by the Disciplinary Committee, which punished the “red and whites” for defaming football authorities and bodies, with a fine of 20,000 euros today (17/10)!

This is the official position of Olympiakos, after an interview with Takis Baltakos, through which the people of Piraeus described, among other things, the president of the EPO as “fascist trash” and slavishwhile leaving clues about its relationship with other factors…

The relevant announcement in detail:

“The EPO Disciplinary Committee made the following decisions at its last meeting.

-Imposes a fine of 20,000 euros against PAE Olympiacos.

(disciplinary action of 04/03/2023 for defamation of football authorities and bodies, through an official position of PAE Olympiacos on 03/29/2023)

-Imposes the following disciplinary sanctions against PAE ASA 1904 (Rebirth of Karditsa): a) Validation of the match between the teams PAE AEPS Aeolikos – PAE ASA 1904, which was set to be held on 27.09.2023, in the context of the 3rd Phase of Greek Cup, in favor of PAE AEPS Aeolikos, with 0-3 goals, b) deduction of 5 points from the current season and 5 points from the next season, from the participating league, c) any share of television rights goes to EPO , d) exclusion from the matches of the UEFA interclub competitions for the specific football season and e) a fine of 25,000 euros.

(game of 27.9.2023, Aeolikos-Renaissance Karditsa, for the 3rd phase of the Greek Cup, which was not held because the visiting team did not come to play)

– Accepts the objection of the “AO Paneleussiniakos” union against the prestige of the match with the “Erani Filiatron” union due to the irregular participation of an athlete.

It acknowledges that the athlete’s competitive participation is irregular.

He awards the aforementioned match in favor of the association, “AO Paneleussiniakos” with a score of 3-0.

It imposes on the association “Erani Filiatron” the penalty of deducting 3 points from the table of the championship in which it competes and the fine of 550 euros.

(match of 01.10.2023, Erani Filiatron-Paneleusiniakos, for the championship of the 3rd National Division)

-Declares the “Fostisara Athens” and “Elysiakos” unions subject to disciplinary control and imposes, at the expense of each of them, a fine of 2,000 euros.

(match of 24.09.2023, Fostira-Ilysiakos, for the championship of the 3rd National Division)”.

Source: Sport Fm

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