“I’ll remember it”: Slukas is furious and there was a fight between the players with the ending in Fener-Panathinaikos!


Damn it when it expires match between Fenerbahce and Panathinaikos! Out of nowhere and while the players were in the center of the field, there was a lot of tension between them and eventually a fight, with Kostas Sloukas getting furious and talking loudly with people from his former team! The incident, fortunately, did not continue, since cooler people intervened.

However, Slukas, who is seen in the video arguing with Wilbekin and the two trying to come face to face, was really mad! On his departure, in fact, towards the bellows, was cheered in unison from the fans of Fenerbahçe, who, of course, during the whole game, every time he had the ball in his hands, they gave him a normal life!

So as he headed for the bellows, Slukas, exasperated, did characteristic movement with his finger and pointed to his headtelling the world that tonight will be one to remember…

Source: Sport Fm

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